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Lamshade making with Ruth @Quincylampshades!

OK, so you may have worked out that I did a lampshade making course recently….well here is what happened….

Ruth and I have a mutual friend Lara who is away travelling in South America at the moment (lucky cow) and I remember before Lara left she mentioned that her good friend Ruth was having huge success with her lampshade making business. This is one of the many things that gave me a shove in the right direction regards setting up on my own. Go and take a look at her amazing work….. am going to try and make a link peeps, fingers crossed it works…..


OK, did that do anything?


Well, we had a fantastic time – she is a brilliant teacher and pretty much let me make the whole thing on my own, under her expert guidance – much better than just watching someone else do it. She gave me loads of neat little tricks and tips too.

So…… here are the first pictures….. what do you think? There are a few bits that need tweeking, and I also need to experiment with different materials and colours, but I think its a pretty good start.




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So I have had an enforced rest from paper cutting due to terrible injury. Well, alright, perhaps not so terrible. I tripped and fell and bashed my arm up – I even had t have a lie down to feel better. I am sure its just because I am old as my son has these types of mishaps all the time and usually seems to be better with the application of a kiss to the damaged area and a packet of raisins.

Well I have been making some use of my time – by ordering lots of lampshade making equipment and carrying out further tests – all seems to be coming along nicely and I shall at some point write a nice long post about it all.

In the meantime, I am making the most of my enforced resting and watching classic movies with the chimps (currently playing is this… )

Right, well i better get back to the film – has got me thinking about dinosaur bones worked into a papercut somehow……I’ll take my inspiration from anywhere, me…..

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So what have I done this week….

…..well…. I have ordered business cards, sent copy over to Bizart for the art fair, been on a lampshade making course with Ruth at Quincy Lampshades (a whole seperate post to follow at some point!), ordered lampshade making equipment, trialled several paper cutting machines with no success, and am currently categorising my work into size order in preperation for prepareing the mounts, ready for the art fair.

So for me, alot of work of the type I am not used to. Hopefully it will quieten down in a few weeks once things are up and running. I will then be able to dedicate some tme to finding out more about this blogging business!

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Amazing early morning sun when I went to wake my son

thought I would share these lovely pics – our view of Worcester in the morning

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Bizart – art fair in Malvern 11th February

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What a week!

So, this was the week that saw me set up my blog and facebook page, confirm my exhibition at the library and confirm my place at the Bizart art fair in Malvin Feb. I have also jsut ordered the first mrsmcindoe business cards, postcards and mailing labels – woohoo! It has been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions – a bit like the introduction to Brian in the first episode of Spaced – am I allowed to post a clip? Have I got the technical capabilities to post a clip? et me try…. ahhhh, couldn;t even find the clip so sorry, no can do!

Anyway, busy week, yes….including other stuff aswell as work – visited the amazing Whitley Court on Saturday

which was super fantastic as nobody else was theredue to the bitter winds, but the isolation and amazing light made it very atmospheric. At some point I will work out how to get the photos off husbands phone and see if I cna put one on here.


And next week promises to be just as busy – a meeting with the organiser of the art fair on Monday, and a lampshade making course on Wednesday – both with people called Ruth….erm, anyway, am starting to waffle so will go.

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one step forward, two steps back

so – have got myself on the promo flyer for the upcoming art fair wihcih is all rather wonderful, but not much good if I can’t work out how to put it on my blog or website, and so end up making myself look rather unprofessional! So much for a more relaxed way of life, working from home and fitting things around my family life – I seem to spend more time on the computer than doing art work or playing with my chimps (a.k.a. children Lily and Herbie). Am hoping that this is a temorary thing and once I get to grips with this blogging business and website stuff it will become a bit easier.


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Bizart art fair – comign soon!!!!



I am so excited – my first art fair! Am meeting the organisers on Monday, so will tell you all about it in a couple of days –  looks interesting though – just need to find someone to mind my stall so I can go look at all the other exciting things!


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busy times….

Last night I went to a meeting of The Pixley Crafters group in Malvern. I must admit I was a little nervous as to wat kind of people I might meet – it had occurred to me that it might be a bunch of nutters, but it was at a nice pub and the lure of half a pint (driving) of Dragons Blood was enough to tempt me. I was pleased to find three lovely ladies who were so warm and welcoming. We talked about life and family, the trials and tribulations of moving house, local Ledbury, and of course art and craft. I am sure you will hear more about these ladies in the future.


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Wow, so I now have a blog thingy aswell as a website! Hopefully over the next few weeks I will work out how to use it – any advice gratefully received.

Things are certainly havppening quickly this year. Hoping that I will be ready for an official lauch in early Feb – watch this space…..

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