Lamshade making with Ruth @Quincylampshades!

OK, so you may have worked out that I did a lampshade making course recently….well here is what happened….

Ruth and I have a mutual friend Lara who is away travelling in South America at the moment (lucky cow) and I remember before Lara left she mentioned that her good friend Ruth was having huge success with her lampshade making business. This is one of the many things that gave me a shove in the right direction regards setting up on my own. Go and take a look at her amazing work….. am going to try and make a link peeps, fingers crossed it works…..


OK, did that do anything?


Well, we had a fantastic time – she is a brilliant teacher and pretty much let me make the whole thing on my own, under her expert guidance – much better than just watching someone else do it. She gave me loads of neat little tricks and tips too.

So…… here are the first pictures….. what do you think? There are a few bits that need tweeking, and I also need to experiment with different materials and colours, but I think its a pretty good start.




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2 responses to “Lamshade making with Ruth @Quincylampshades!

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  2. Lara

    Glad you had fun together!

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