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work life balance

I am really feeling the pressure today. I thought that by creating and selling my own work, I would be able to be involved in many areas of life without making too many compromises, but as I am sure many of you are aware already, it doesn’t relaly work like that!

Thought I was doing really well today – trip to the park followed by playgroup ticked off my good mummy box (and bonus box ticked for good citizen/recyler by dropping off a load of freshly laundered cuddly toys at the charity shop), then practise layout for the exhibition at home during a quiet moment, so work box ticked, followed by planning for writing thank you letters on return from the school run, good manners tick box …………FAIL – fell at the last hurdle due to ‘txt’ from the school at 4pm to say PE kit and trainers required for tomorrow including trainers (on top of remembering a favourite toy(not electronic) and preparing the costume for World Book Day tomorrow).

So, PE kit assembled and ready after rumaging through huge clean clothes mountain (have already accepted I am not going to be ticking any boxes of the good housewife variety this week) and I have put the oven on for sausages for the children, so have only a few mins spare – not enough time for ‘encouraging’ a five year old to write thank you notes, but just enough time for a small rambling rant on here. RIght, best go and get those bangers in the oven

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Preparing for exhibition

I am exhibiting some work, my first exhibition, at St Johns Library, Worcester, for the whole of March. If you are in the area, please pop in and take a look. There will be a mix of old and new work. At the moment I am trying to select which pieces will be going, although am having a small framing problem in that I can’t afford to get them properly framed, and the frames that I have that I thought I could use are not quite the right size.

Well, I am certainly on a very steep learning curve this year! If anyone out there has any tips on how to exhibit your artwork, please do let me know.

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Twitter an’ all that jazz

Well, I did it!!…. I have now signed myself up with linkedin and twitter, as apparently its the way forward. Problem is that yet again I am not entirely sure what to do with them now that I have them (apart from getting annoyed with the spam followers on twitter). Am really looking forward to mid April when I get to spend the weekend with my web-knower friend (Jos) who will hopefully make it all become clear, or snap into place, or something along those lines.

One of the downsides to all these links to new web technology is that it is difficult not to get drawn into spending hours ‘doing research’! But, having said that, I have managed to find some interesting stuff that has inspired me, and I guess with twitter in particular, it will be a great way to follow trends.

If anyone has any top tips on how to use these facilities, do share…


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what we did in Wales

….too busy to write, so here are a few picutres….

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….and relax….

…the show is over!

Well, I didn’t sell anything!! Ha! I don’t mind though (honest, guv).

I had a fantastic day and met some great people, both other stall holders, the event organisers, and the general public.

The stall holders were a lovely bunch, and I really am looking forward to working with them again. They were all very supportive and have given me lots of hints and tips for the next event.

The event was really well organised by all at Bizart – thanks guys! It all seemed so easy, all I had to do was tip up and put my stuff on a table.

And the public – well, I was really surprised at how friendly they were, and how inquisitive. So many kind words, and lots of people who did seem to genuinely think my work was amazing (which I was quite amazed at!)- its good to get some positive feedback from people you aren’t related to or friends with – always a bonus!

So although I didn’t sell anything, I think the whole thing was a massive success – I feel inspired, valued, and respected – not very often I get to write that!


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14 hours to go….

… and I am sitting here having a pint of Spitfire and relaxing for half an hour! I am happy with the amount of work I have ready to show and sell, although there are still quite a few left over in various stages of completeness, I think I would rather stick with what I have than compromise on the quality by rushing them tonight – and I will be utterly gobsmacked if I run out of stuff to sell as I think there are about 50 pieces!

As I sit here in the quiet and stillness, I am wondering if this is the calm before the storm – I certainly hope there isn’t going to be any storming of the snow variety!

Oh, and as you will have noticed, I have changed the blog format – ‘ray! Hopefully I will have more time to get to grips with all the functions after half term – at the moment I do feel like I am speaking to an empty room, but perhaps that will change with a bit of hard work and a lot of luck.

So, that’s it from me until afterwards…. hope to see some of you there!


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First art fair in…36hrs!

I have been so busy in the last week or s trying to get everything ready for my first art fair. It’s a tough one, being the first, I have no idea what to expect and what exactly it is I am supposed to be doing to get ready! Luckily I have had some incredibly useful tips from Jill Peer and the rest of the Pixley Crafters, and also from my picture framer, Steve, who has provided the most fantastic service ( I have tried to add a link, but not sure if it has worked!

Soooo….. most of my work has now been professionally mounted (by me, with serious amount of help from Steve the framer) and is ready for sale. I have managed to assemble a kind of display unit to show the work (alright, well, it’s an old wooden chest that I have lined with black felt to make it more picture friendly – ended up costing more to do that then it would have been to buy something, just don’t tell my husband!). And I have even got paper bags with handles – just incase someone buys something!

So, I have been told to take comfy shoes, comfy cushion, flask of tea, pencil and paper, double-sided tape, and a number of other things – if you can think of anything vital, please do let me know.

I will be off to Wales for a couple of days after the art fair to celebrate/drown my sorrows, so you will have to wait a week to find out how it goes – watch this space (but not for the next week!)

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Second month here already

Wow – well I can’t quite believe that a whole 12th of 2012 has already gone! Am feeling slightly nervous as I have achieved far more than I ever dreamt of in the first month – how on earth am I going to top that?!

So this month will see the first art fair, the first exhibition, and hopefully the official launch of mrsmcindoe – the business! I think its going to be pretty low-key – me, husband and a takeaway perhaps?

I have so much more work to do though before I am properly up and running – sort the website out properly, work out all the features on this blog site, and try my hand at a few lampshades without Ruth by my side.

Other things will be taking priority this month though – my most beautiful chimp number one will turn FIVE this month, plus we will have half term, and lots of family stuff going on, and I have a lot of friends to catch up with who I feel I have been neglecting somewhat, plus PTA stuff, and……an awful lot of cleaning and tidying, which got rather neglected last month!

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