14 hours to go….

… and I am sitting here having a pint of Spitfire and relaxing for half an hour! I am happy with the amount of work I have ready to show and sell, although there are still quite a few left over in various stages of completeness, I think I would rather stick with what I have than compromise on the quality by rushing them tonight – and I will be utterly gobsmacked if I run out of stuff to sell as I think there are about 50 pieces!

As I sit here in the quiet and stillness, I am wondering if this is the calm before the storm – I certainly hope there isn’t going to be any storming of the snow variety!

Oh, and as you will have noticed, I have changed the blog format – ‘ray! Hopefully I will have more time to get to grips with all the functions after half term – at the moment I do feel like I am speaking to an empty room, but perhaps that will change with a bit of hard work and a lot of luck.

So, that’s it from me until afterwards…. hope to see some of you there!


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4 responses to “14 hours to go….

  1. Lara

    very best of luck for the show xxx

  2. Dagny

    Good luck and lots of positive feedback and sales my lovely – Your work is amazing xxx

  3. The room is not empty!
    Loving the blog look change.
    Hope it went well today.
    Lots of love,
    Flora XX

  4. charlie off of farncombe

    wow, what beautiful things, who knew you were so talented? 😉 hope the fair went well, bet you sold out and have a long list of orders for commission pieces now don’t ya? hope so x

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