….and relax….

…the show is over!

Well, I didn’t sell anything!! Ha! I don’t mind though (honest, guv).

I had a fantastic day and met some great people, both other stall holders, the event organisers, and the general public.

The stall holders were a lovely bunch, and I really am looking forward to working with them again. They were all very supportive and have given me lots of hints and tips for the next event.

The event was really well organised by all at Bizart – thanks guys! It all seemed so easy, all I had to do was tip up and put my stuff on a table.

And the public – well, I was really surprised at how friendly they were, and how inquisitive. So many kind words, and lots of people who did seem to genuinely think my work was amazing (which I was quite amazed at!)- its good to get some positive feedback from people you aren’t related to or friends with – always a bonus!

So although I didn’t sell anything, I think the whole thing was a massive success – I feel inspired, valued, and respected – not very often I get to write that!


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2 responses to “….and relax….

  1. You are absolutely right to see your first market as a success! It would only have been a waste of time if you’d come away feeling broken and down and without learning anything…

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