work life balance

I am really feeling the pressure today. I thought that by creating and selling my own work, I would be able to be involved in many areas of life without making too many compromises, but as I am sure many of you are aware already, it doesn’t relaly work like that!

Thought I was doing really well today – trip to the park followed by playgroup ticked off my good mummy box (and bonus box ticked for good citizen/recyler by dropping off a load of freshly laundered cuddly toys at the charity shop), then practise layout for the exhibition at home during a quiet moment, so work box ticked, followed by planning for writing thank you letters on return from the school run, good manners tick box …………FAIL – fell at the last hurdle due to ‘txt’ from the school at 4pm to say PE kit and trainers required for tomorrow including trainers (on top of remembering a favourite toy(not electronic) and preparing the costume for World Book Day tomorrow).

So, PE kit assembled and ready after rumaging through huge clean clothes mountain (have already accepted I am not going to be ticking any boxes of the good housewife variety this week) and I have put the oven on for sausages for the children, so have only a few mins spare – not enough time for ‘encouraging’ a five year old to write thank you notes, but just enough time for a small rambling rant on here. RIght, best go and get those bangers in the oven

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  1. Heather

    Thanks for reminding me about the toy! x

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