So many things to do this week – exciting!

I think its going to be a busy one this week, so am going to write it all down now for two reasons – one, I might not get another chance or a while, and two, so I can refer back to my list when it gets hectic later in the week!

So, here is my list of jobs…

1. a visit with Mark Hogan at The Whole Hog today – I’ll let you know how we get on – we are meeting to discuss options for greetings cards and limited edition prints, and also to find out if scanning my work into the computer is going to be a better option that photographing it.

2. I need to write some copy for the library to go in its ‘whats on’ section for my exhibition. I wonder what people are making of it so far – might have to go down and have a snoop tomorrow.

3. Meeting with a lovely lady called Zoe to discuss local art and craft fairs – hopefully I am not to late to get myself booked in for some later in the year.

4. I have several commissions to work on – trees, dogs, logos and lampshades….. if I ever find any time to do any cutting that is!

5. I have forms to fill in for handmadeofbritain who will be selling my work very soon.

6. and of course my full-time job of washing, cleaning, tidying, feeding, shopping, cooking, tidying, playing, helping, teaching, tidying, listening, disciplining, 6 piece jigsaw puzzling, play date arranging, oh, and did I mention tidying?

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One response to “So many things to do this week – exciting!

  1. Jos

    Phew-sounds like you’ll be very busy this week, though I can’t see the 6-piece jigsaw puzzling being a major challenge -enjoy!

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