mrsmcindoe makes cards

This week I have mostly been thinking about and working my first range of greetings cards. It’s all rather exciting, if a little nerve-racking. Who knew it was so much effort for a greetings card!

A local design and print company has been sourced and engaged (The Whole Hog –, envelopes and cellophane bags have been sourced and purchased (and have actually arrived), and my first invoice (for the card shop) is about to be produced.

So, all being well, you should be able to buy my cards in the shops (well, just the one shop to start with!) by the middle of next week – yay! The shop in question is Austin & Co. at The Courtyard, Malvern ( It’s a great little shop if you are a fan of all things paper – pop over and have a look!

I am hoping they will be available to buy online by the end of next week too, with another exciting new venture – watch this space!

In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of the original artwork for one of the six cards….

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