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Busy as always

Well it has certainly been a long couple of weeks. As you will be aware I have been making a shed load of lampshades, which has gone quite well, but it has been at the expense of the housework, so our lovely home has been a bit of a pit! We have spent ALL DAY cleaning and tidying and DIY-ing and have only managed to do half the house so far. Hopefully we will get it all finished tomorrow, although the rooms for tomorrow include dining room (covered in lampshade making paraphernalia and debris) and the office (piles of paperwork and assorted rubbish from two people working from home!).

In more work related news, I have now got myself a Pintrest account – not quite sure what to do with it, but looks rather interesting. Have a feeling it may be taking up alot of my time over the next few days as I get to grips with it! If anyone has any top tips, please let me know.

Right, well, thats all for now folks – I am going to retire to the clean and tidy sitting room with a beer, the TV, the laptop, the husband and probably the cat. Hope you are all having a fab weekend.

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Mangojuice Gallery

Mangojuice Gallery have today taken delivery of a range of lampshades made by me! (I still find it a bit odd that I can make lampshades – from scratch!) So if you are in Worcester you can pop in and see them ‘in the flesh’ – so much better than on a computer screen.

The gallery is a great showcase for UK based artists, including several local ones. What I am particularly liking in the gallery at the moment is the work of another Worcester artist, Victoria Waits – she has made some amazing stuff from sea treasure!

Anyway, back to me and my lampshades! These are all now available at Mangojuice Gallery…. and I can breath a massive sigh of relief that my first two lampshade deliveries have been completed without anything getting damaged by the awful rain!


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Three Little Pigs!

As you will have gathered, I have been working rather hard recently, producing as many lampshades as I can in order to supply a couple of shops. I am so pleased that today I was able to make my first delivery! So next time you are in Pershore and in need of a lampshade, why not check out The Three Little Pigs on the high street  where amongst many other lovely things you will find these lampshades….

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Made By Hands Of Britain

Well it has taken a long time, but I have finally ‘gone live’ on this fantastic – website

This website was set up by Gillian Montegrande who is uber passionate about the talented designers and makers of Great Britain. She has managed to gather a load of them together on one website. She has been so helpful and supportive in setting up my ‘mini-site’ that I have nothing but praise.

I am so pleased to be part of this site, there are some truly amazing people on there. Such a wide range of things – all made here in the UK – and covering traditional rural craftsmen and women through to contemporary designers.

My current favourite things are as follows…


Don’t forget, it is my birthday in June, not far away!!


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You Guessed It – Another Lampshade!

We went away for the weekend, so was not planning on doing any work, but I just couldn’t help myself! So when we got back, tired and slightly hung over, around 4.30pm on Sunday I put the children and the husband in front of the TV and got cracking. I wanted to try a different lamp shade pattern, and this time I have gone for mushrooms rather than houses. I am quite pleased with the way it has turned out, so think I will try a few more. But the problem is, now I have run out of ring sets (the metal rings inside the shade) and so I need to sell some work in order to raise funds to buy more! Fortunately someone came round this morning and bought an original paper cut (one of the first ones I did) and so I have a little cash burning a hole in my back pocket. And tomorrow I am off to see a lady who wants a closer inspection of a few pieces, so hopefully if she likes one and buys it, I will have enough to get some new materials – yay!

Anyway, back to the mushroom lamp shade – here are some pictures – would love to know what you think…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Lampshade Mayhem!

So I have been busy making lampshades – three in the last two days. I am off downstairs for a beer in a mo but thought I would share some pics first. Oh, and my top tips of the day for making lampshades – tie your hair back, don’t try and eat Frazzles at the same time, and always refer back to the instructions!

So here are the lampshades – which one do you like best? Hoping there will be more in this series which I am calling ‘The Avenue’. Am not sure I can make any more lamshades this week though – totally knackered!

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Keeping It Local – An Oscars Style Thanks!

I feel like I have come quite a long way in a short period of time this year, trying to get this venture off the ground, and have been thinking about how I have managed to do that. The one thing that I keep coming back to is that I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without the help and support of so many local businesses and local people, so I thought it right and proper to take a little time to thank them, so here goes!

First on the list is the lovely Jill Peer. She is a member of the Malvern Hills Gallery and has her fingers in lots of crafty pies! She runs The Pixley Crafters, of which I am a member – we are a craft group who meet a couple of times a month in various Malvern pubs to discuss crafty type stuff – its lots of fun, a great source of inspiration, and also a great place to learn about how the art and craft world works. Jill has been so kind, friendly, helpful and supportive – and a great laugh too – what more could you want! You can check her out over on her website…

Second on the list is Steve a.k.a. Your Picture Framer. He has provided the most amazing service, so much more than you would get from a  national or an online service. It is great being able to get to his and back to pick up mounts in under 20 minutes! And to be able to phone up in a panic at gone 6pm about some mounts and then be able to go and pick up the new ones under an hour later – what more could one ask for?! So if you are in need of a high quality, friendly, fast picture framing and mount making service, you really only need to contact this chap –

Third is  Mr Sean Austin at Austin & Co. which is a fantastic independent card and stationery shop in Malvern ( ) Without his support, belief and encouragement the greetings cards would not be in existence. The greetings card market is a lot more complex than one might first imagine, and I really value his opinions and knowledge about the business – and its great to be able to have business meetings in the pub too! If you happen to be in Malvern, please pop in and say hello (and buy lots of stuff, including my cards and original artwork!).

Next is Mark who prints my cards for me over at The Whole Hog ( and also manages to get my artwork onto the computer and looking how it should, rather than my dodgy home photography sessions! This means that hopefully I will be able to have some decent images on the website next week. It’s great to be able to have a chat on the phone and nip down there to check out the progress, and that it’s OK for the toddler to toddle along too! Looking forward to dropping down my next batch of work for processing.

Then comes Popi at Mangojuice Gallery and Workshop – who is now stocking my greetings cards and limited edition prints alongside her wonderful jewelery and other great stuff from UK artists and designers.

Now I also have to thank all those at Bizart – you can find their blog on wordpress), especially Ruth. Jenny and Bridgette and the rest of the Pixley Group for kindness, fun and advice, my fab-a-lous neighbour Kirstin for gee-ing me up and emergency childcare, Crafty Mo for supplies (, Zoe & Alan Coldicott for tea and craft fairs, Kirsty Stockwin for sound business advice, um, and I am sure hundreds of other people!

Anyway, the general point is that I have developed a rather large network of local help and support and I really do think this is the only way a small business venture can thrive – and at least if I don’t make any money, I have made some new friends –  cue the Qwynnie style sobbing and gushing –  will shut up now and leave you in peace! Lots of love my dahlings, mwah mwah.

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Greetings Cards Series Two

I am on a mad dash to get to a childrens birthday party, but have just enough time to post some pictures of the new greetings cards. Do you like them? What do you think of the background? It took me ages to reorganise my bookcase, but am rather pleased with myself and might keep them like that. I am hoping that these cards will be in the shops tomorrow, but more news on that later. As ever, watch this space!

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blog design

I have just taken part in a bit of a natter about blog design over on twitter (hosted by the fantastic I had to leave early as smallest chimp was coughing his guts up and snuffling around and needed a snuggle, but whilst I was babysoothing I got to thinking – what on earth am I doing with my bloggingness?! I kinda just set this whole thing up and hoped for the best without appreciating the great lengths bloggers go to when setting up their blogs. I mean, I know blogging has become a pretty massive thing over the last few years, but really some people have dedicated an awful lot of time to ensure that you, the reader, have a pleasant viewing/reading/voyeur-ing experience.

‘It’s quite a steep learning curve’ is fast turning into this years motto!

And no, no image on this post, norty norty! That’s the problem with blogging in your jarmers on your laptop rather than at the PC where all the images are!

n’night folks

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