Mangojuice Gallery

Mangojuice Gallery have today taken delivery of a range of lampshades made by me! (I still find it a bit odd that I can make lampshades – from scratch!) So if you are in Worcester you can pop in and see them ‘in the flesh’ – so much better than on a computer screen.

The gallery is a great showcase for UK based artists, including several local ones. What I am particularly liking in the gallery at the moment is the work of another Worcester artist, Victoria Waits – she has made some amazing stuff from sea treasure!

Anyway, back to me and my lampshades! These are all now available at Mangojuice Gallery…. and I can breath a massive sigh of relief that my first two lampshade deliveries have been completed without anything getting damaged by the awful rain!


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2 responses to “Mangojuice Gallery

  1. your lampshades are beautiful! i’m sure they will sell well in the gallery 🙂 well done for getting them there in this weather!

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