Busy as always

Well it has certainly been a long couple of weeks. As you will be aware I have been making a shed load of lampshades, which has gone quite well, but it has been at the expense of the housework, so our lovely home has been a bit of a pit! We have spent ALL DAY cleaning and tidying and DIY-ing and have only managed to do half the house so far. Hopefully we will get it all finished tomorrow, although the rooms for tomorrow include dining room (covered in lampshade making paraphernalia and debris) and the office (piles of paperwork and assorted rubbish from two people working from home!).

In more work related news, I have now got myself a Pintrest account – not quite sure what to do with it, but looks rather interesting. Have a feeling it may be taking up alot of my time over the next few days as I get to grips with it! If anyone has any top tips, please let me know.

Right, well, thats all for now folks – I am going to retire to the clean and tidy sitting room with a beer, the TV, the laptop, the husband and probably the cat. Hope you are all having a fab weekend.

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