What day is it again?

Is it Tuesday? Or Wednesday? No…. Tuesday, its OK, I kinda know where I am. Bit of a confusing week though, well for a bear of very little brain at least. We have had a visit from my Dutch relatives – was lovely to see them – and then at school this week (my school or my daughters school – she is reception I am PTA) we are having a visit from our sister school in Kenya, so lots of preparations for that under way. AND we have got Annabel and family and Emily and family coming to stay next weekend (6 adults 6 kids!). It’s why I am a bit all over the shop with dates. (Oh bother, it is also school dinner money week which I think I have forgotten again – stoopid system where the only method of paying is by cash every three weeks).

Anyway, what I really came here to tell you is that this week I am getting ready for the Bizart fair on Saturday. This means making sure I have the right amount of cards, and they are all paired up with envelopes and cellophane pockets (especially important in this rain!). I have mounted a load of limited edition prints, and I have my lampshades all wrapped up snug in bubble wrap. I have to choose which original pieces of work to take with me – not sure if I should take only new stuff or a mixture of the two, although am also worrying that I am going to be running out of room on my stall!

Goodness, have to remember to sort out a couple of lamp bases and lots of extension leads – MUST NOT FORGET TO TAKE! Problem is, I don’t really have any decent lamp bases, not the kind that look good with my shades on. It is just yet another thing to add to the list of things I really out to buy for business reasons, but just can’t afford at the moment.

I have splashed out on some cardboard display stands (that is what was in the mystery package yesterday!) Have been having a little play around with them – what do you think?


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4 responses to “What day is it again?

  1. Will those card board display stands fold down each time or are you going to keep them up? Could you tell me the link. I like the way you have put the box under to get the double tier as it brings it up to the customers eye level more.

    • Hi Dixie,
      Thanks for reading, and glad you think the stacking idea is good. When I go to the art fair I am hoping to hide the big brown box under my table cloth! I think they can fold, but they don’t advise it – they came ready made, two together in the box I stacked them on. So I will just take the two stands inside the box – does make it tricky when there is so much stuff to cart around though, but I guess they ar enot very heavy! I got them through ebay – an ebay store called JDCSTORE – they have them in lots of different sizes.

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