The Weekend Is Over

Well, it has certainly been a busy one. We have had a proper house full – two families staying for the weekend, so 6 adults and 6 kids – makes for good times though, lots of fun, wine, talking, playing and picnicking. Not very much arguing, tantruming, crying, or sleeping. Looking forward to an early night tonight.

And also, how could I forget, I did my second craft fair. It was pretty quiet, but I did manage to sell enough to cover the cost of being there which was a relief! And a couple of people interested in commissioning lampshades. I am not sure if this will come to anything, or if they were just trying to be nice, but you never know!

Also met a few new people, including the lovely Jodie who was next to me, and makes the most stylish cushions and bags. On the other side I had a lovely chap from Fondant Fancies – a yummy cake shop in The Courtyard, Malvern.

And it was great catching up with Ann from Tickled Pink, Jill and Jenni, Rosie, Ruth and Rachel, and of course the lovely Tree, who I bought a couple of chicken doorstops from!

I am just uploading some photos of the event, so pop back later and have a look when I have managed to get them into my next post.

Traa for now!


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