I have been thinking a lot about inspiration recently, thanks to Pintrest! Am sure most of you will heave heard of it by now, but if not, go anc check it out – it is like an online place to store images of all the things that inspire you, make you laugh, or products that you want. Warning – it is a bit addictive!

Anyway, I have so many images all over the place – Pintrest, photo albums, computer files, books, magazines, scrap books, files, and most importantly in my head. I thought I would share some with you – these are just going to be random ones that I find from my computer files today….


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4 responses to “Inspiration

  1. It is amazing where you can find inspiration – like you I love Pinterest. So many pins so little time. It really is an enabler for my addictive personality. Wherever you find your inspiration keep going there because it really shines through in your work. xxx Catherine @ The MacsX xxx

    • Thanks Catherine, am glad you like my work. And yes, far too many Pins on Pintrest – if only I had an extra couple of hours in the day! It is quite an exercise in self control! xx

  2. Ooh, I will have to write and inspiration post sometime, great idea and some beautiful photos.

    • Thanks, glad you like the pics – am by no means a professional photogropher, but am a big believer in the more you take, the more likely you are to get one or two decentish shots!

      As for the Inspiration theme – I think I might make it a more regular thing – both times I have done it seems to have proved rather popular!

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