Latest Commissions

Commissions is what it is all about for me at the moment – I have three lampshade commissions that I am currently working on. One is top-secret, so I can;t tell you about that! But the other two I can.

Firstly, I am preparing a lampshade for a dog lover – now, I had kittens (ha) at the thought of having to cut dogs into a lampshade – I just couldn’t get any inspiration, and every dog I tried to cut looked either really naff or like a 5-year-old had done it. I kept looking at the invitation over and over….nothing. Then it hit me – there was a lovely four line poem at the top of the invitation (nothing to do with dogs!) so I thought maybe ask the client about using the verse. Turns out she thought this was a fantastic idea, and so much cutting later, and here we are…. well on our way…..

Once it is finished, I will post some pictures.

The second commission I have been really excited about as it is for a fantastic lad called Ed, who is a big fan of helicopters. His Mum and I are hoping this will be grown up enough for him to enjoy for many years, as it is suitable for helicopter loving boys of ALL ages!

I am really looking forward to getting this one finished – its such a great project – it always makes it special when you know your work is going to someone who will really appreciate it (at least, I hope he will!).


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8 responses to “Latest Commissions

  1. You have such an amazing talent! I can’t wait to see the finished items. xx

  2. freespiritdesigns

    How excited these customers must be awaiting their beautifully handcrafted lampshades!

    i love the idea of the verse for the dog lover – there is so much potential to do more things like this… wedding vows, song lyrics, lullabys – what fun!

    your helicopter commission looks fab – i’m sure Ed will be thrilled with it 🙂

    • thank you for your kind words – yes, I am excited about other writing possibilities, now II have cracked how to do it (have found that for me it is actually easier to cut freehand rather than try and wrtie in pencil and then cut). Watch out for photos of the finished shades!

  3. Oh these are wonderful!

    I came to look at your new blog design as you asked on twitter. I think it looks nice!

  4. Janie

    Thanks for featuring my nephew Ed’s new lampshade – it will fit in with his bedroom theme just perfectly!

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