Inspiration? Where does it come from again?

… I am sure I wrote it down here somewhere! I could really do with it a the moment as I seem to have a block – like writers block, but for cutting, or to be more precise, for curving!

Here I am, uninspired….

 Don’t worry, it’s a camera, not a gun, things aren’t that bad yet!

I am working on a project at the moment that I ALMOST have right, but there is something niggling me about it…. it needs a really big tweek in the right direction to make it work the way I have imagined. I guess this is the drawback of trying to be as original as possible – I can’t just copy something, which would be so much easier!

I have tried the usual distractions – beer, tv, biscuits, taking lots of photos of silly things, Pintrest, random google searches on odd words, looking through old books, and …… nada, zip, diddlysquat.

So am going to take it outside – perhaps a trip to playgroup and the supermarket and the fabric shop can help. And if my thoughts haven’t, at least my son will have had a good time, some chores will have been done, and we will both have had some fresh air and exercise.

Yes, must remember to play as well as to work – the problem is that when you love your work, it doesn’t feel like work, it feels more like play!


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