A Commission From My Own Daugher!

‘Please can you make a birthday card for Immy?’ from my 5 year old. This afternoon we are going to the party of the century – Immy the next door neighbour is going to be 5 years old! Actually really looking forward to it! Well, it is an afternoon off work for a start, and also there will be lots of lovely grown-ups to talk to and plenty of small chimps running round to entertain my small chimps. Just hope this drizzle goes away – soggy bouncy castle anyone?!

Anyway, I have made a little card for the birthday gal – I quite like it – I might do more! (like I need more projects at the moment!) I would be interested to know if people out there can ‘read’ it – it took my husband quite some time….


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4 responses to “A Commission From My Own Daugher!

  1. It’s Immy. Once you’ve spotted it you can see it really easily – like those magic eye pictures that used to be all the rage. Do you remember them?

    • aha, yes, I remember – I was always rubbish at them! I thought it was so easy to spot, I was suprised husband couldn’t see it straight off – I think maybe peoples brains are wired up differently and receive/perceive images differently

  2. Took me a few seconds to spot it but then clearly Immy – I like that it makes you look closely! Your lampshades are beeeeyoooootiful by the way, wow Xx

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