Where to find inspiration….

…..look no further than your own home! Seriously, when I am stuck for inspiration, often a wander around my house can help. I did this a few days ago when I was a little lost on a project, and thought I would take my camera along so I could illustrate exactly what I mean. I just snapped away at little details that caught my eye as I wondered round aimlessly from room to room. Well, perhaps not aimlessly, just looking for inspiration I guess.

I should warn you that these are not terribly good photos – the reason is twofold – firstly, the Eos is broken (I tried to clean it – BIG mistake) and so I was using the Ixus, which I don’t think I have used for about 4 years, and it is nowhere near as good. The second is that I wasn’t trying to take amazing pictures, just to snap at what caught my eye, so that you will hopefully see it the same way – does that make sense, or does it sound a bit to artyfarty?!

Would be interested to hear if anyone finds any of these inspiring, or if it’s just me!

Right stop the rambling, here are the pics…

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