My Window Display

On Saturday I did my first ever window display. unusually for someone who doesn;t have a bricks and mortar shop! It all came about when a crafty friend of mine, Mo (a.k.a. Crafty Mo), was given the opportunity to move her fantabulous craft shop into a larger premises. Once in the new shop she found herself with two big windows to fill, instead of the previous one window. Mo happened to mention to me one day that she was concerned she wouldn’t be able to find the time to change the displays as often as she would like, to keep things fresh for her customers, and keep the shop looking wonderful. I offered to help out! It seemed like the perfect storage solution for all my lampshades!!

Now I have to admit that despite having taken down the measurements of the display area, and booked a time to come and set the display up well in advance, I was still somewhat unprepared when I arrived on Saturday morning. And I quickly learnt that dressing as window is not as easy as one might imagine! Fortunately Mo was able to provide me with all the things I had forgotten to take – staple gun, scissors, pliers and screwdriver (to get out the staples when you put them in the wrong place!).

Once the basics had been done I was able to mess around with the placing of the lampshades and other bits and bobs. This involved rather a lot of tea drinking and standing outside the shop with our hands on our hips, heads cocked to one side!

And then it was done – ‘ray!

A great ‘two birds with one stone’ solution – Mo gets her window dressed, and I get somewhere to store and display my work. And Mo is also rather pleased that she now has other people interested in window displays at her shop, and is pretty much booked up until Christmas!

So if you are local, or just passing through, go and take a look and see what you think – make sure to pop back at least once a month to see the latest displays by local artists, designers and craftsmen/women.

Those of you who are not local will have to make do with this little slide show (taken on husband’s iphone and EOS still out of action).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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2 responses to “My Window Display

  1. Looks fabulous! Well done you (both of you!!)!

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