Look no pictures!

I have so many pictures I want to post, but I can’t – the problem is that they are all of things that are going to be given to people over the next couple of weeks, and as they are all surprises, it would be letting the cat out of the bag somewhat if I were to start blogging about them!

So, nothing to show you today I’m afraid.

Well, the end of another hectic week – this week in bullet points…..

– completion of some commissions, which I am pleased about

– a new commission to work on over the next couple of weeks.

– some interest from a shop – watch this space!

– PTA Jubilee disco, where I ran the cake stand with a friend – lots of fun (well, we did have a bottle of wine under the table to help us along!)

– a new nephew – Oliver Henry Stollard, born in sunny Singapore to my brother and his wife (a.k.a. unky D and Aunty Zo) congratulations guys!

Phew! And I am currently trying to pack for a camping trip to Somerset where a friend of ours is getting married, followed by a few days holiday in Devon, staying on my Aunt-in-law’s apple farm. And this afternoon I am off to school for  Jubilee tea party with the reception class – bring on the crumbly sausage rolls, squashed crisps and weak orange squash!

So, looking forward to some time off to rest, relax, recover, regenerate, revitalise, re-energise and am sure plenty of other ‘re’ things.

Hope you all have a super smashing great half term! xx

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