Wedding Presents & Commissions Part 1

Well I have finally finished my commissions list, and those that were to be married are now married, and so I can share with you the details of the commissions at last! Both my commissions were for the same wedding, which is unusual I suppose, but I do know the bride and groom! So here we go, a break down of the work in two posts (this being the first, um, obviously!)

Firstly, the bride and groom had been on the hunt for some interesting gifts to give as favours for those that helped at the wedding. I was approached and asked if I could do a series of paper cuts based on the wedding invitation as gifts for the family. I trialed several options, and we agreed on one between us. Once cut and assembled I met with ‘Steve the framer’ to discuss framing options – it so great working with local people, he is just five minutes away, meaning I can nip up there any time to check on progress or change my mind (!) Anyway, here are a few pictures – what do you think? Oh, I have to add that I have been testing out different locations around the house to see which photos look best – let me know what you think!

Oh, and apologies if there are spelling mistakes and this post doesn;t flow very well – still recovering from the wedding itself, which was immense!


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2 responses to “Wedding Presents & Commissions Part 1

  1. Ali Pembroke

    Naomi, they are brilliant, well done. So clever the way you got the N and N in unobtrusively, your designs are great xxx.

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