Wedding Presents & Commissions Part 2


We are now back home after our half of half term break (as in we went away for just half of the holiday). We had a great time away, and it was very relaxing not doing any work – I think it’s the first time that has properly happened since I started out in January. We spent our time visiting great friends and wonderful relatives in south Somerset and North Devon and did a few touristy things at the same time – fish and chips in the car overlooking the sea at Minehead (it was raining) and a steam train trip from Bishops Lydeard to Watchet and back again, stopping of course for the obligatory cream tea!

Anyway, am rambling on about our little holiday when what I really wanted to do was show you some pictures of these lampshades I made for the wedding commission. I am pleased as punch to be able to tell you that they were well received – a huge relief for me, as there is always a niggling doubt at the back of my mind, wondering if I did the right thing.

The design brief for the lampshades was that the main form of inspiration should be the wedding invitation, and incorporated into that should be the couples initials (N & N),  and also some reference to trees – he is a tree surgeon. See if you can spot the Ns and the trees – I tired to do it so they would be clear within the design without dominating it. I mocked up several options which I then e-mailed to the two clients and we agreed between the three of us as to the best way forward, modifying the design slightly along the way.

And so here they are – what do you think?




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14 responses to “Wedding Presents & Commissions Part 2

  1. Beautiful, as ever! You are so clever!! xxx

  2. charlie off of farncombe

    lovely well done x

  3. Jess and I are really happy with the result and I feel very sure N and N will be too. Thanks again! XX

  4. Amazing work Mrs Mcindoe! How do you actually make them though?! Look forward to seeing you guys in July. Olly x

    • Ah, well, it is quite an interesting process. Am thinking at some point I need to do a video or vlog to show how it is done as lots of you seem to be interested. Really looking forward to catching up with you guys in a few weeks time, and if I haven;t posted how I do it by then, maybe you can have a real life demo! xx

  5. Just beautiful and very clever 🙂

  6. Wow, they’re gorgeous 😀

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