Postcards, London, Lampshades!

Well I have certainly been busy, but not as busy as I should have been! Let me explain…..

Firstly, I have been sorting out some new postcards – postcards to use instead of flyers and business cards. When I set up in January I got some business cards made and at the same time had some postcards done, as I thought it looked quite cool! Well, I have given out almost all of the postcards and hardly any of the business cards! The reason is twofold – firstly I prefer to give them out, it feels less formal than business cards, and so I feel more comfortable. Secondly, I think people like a postcard rather than a business card – as you, dear reader, are ‘people’ perhaps you could tell me if this is the case or something I am imagining!

Secondly, we have bene up to London to visit the Queen! Well, have a little look at the outside of Buckingham Palace – the Queen was there, as it was trooping of the colour, but we didn’t actually see her. My daughter is doing a project on London at the moment, and we were also invited to go to a party, so we made a proper trip of it. I have to say, it was lovely going out in London on Friday night, and talking about work things, with work type people (it was a party for my mother in law, who has just retired from an architectural practise she helped set up many years ago). Managed to catch up with some family and friends, and also make some new friends. On the Saturday we managed to do all the things my children wanted – travel on a tube train, travel on a double-decker bus and sit on the top deck, see Buckingham Palace, and go to a Museum (well, it was the National Gallery – daughter feel in love with Van Gough’s Sunflowers and son now a big fan of Rousseau’s ‘Surprise!’)

And yesterday I managed to make a new lampshade, in a new design. The design is something that has been in the back of my mind for some time, and I think being in London has given the final creative push for the design to be born (does that sound terribly arty-farty? Sorry!). And here it is…..

What do you think of the picture? The lamp base is new. I have spent ages trying to find the right kind of base to display my lampshades, and the only ones I can find that I like are super expensive – always the way! However, I managed to find some very cheap bases, and am rather pleased with them – do you like? Who can guess where I got them from?!

And now the reason I should have been more busy – I am having a stall at Upton Jazz Festival next weekend and I have a huge amoutn to do to prepare for it – and so I will leave you, and get cracking – better get my skates on as there are only a few days left to prepare.


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6 responses to “Postcards, London, Lampshades!

  1. I really like them, and the lamp bases too. Love to know your secrets (including how you make the lampshades, they’re lovely, very original!)

    • Thank you so much – that means alot coming from a proper lampshade maker!

      I make the shades from scratch, probably the same way you do, and I sandwich an original paper cut between the backing and the material – it can be quite fiddly to do, but worth it, I hope!

  2. Good luck at Upton. I’m thinking IKEA maybe for the bases, they look lovely anyway. And what a great weekend. My aim is to get Daisy up to the Big Smoke sometime this summer too.

    • Bang on, Ikea all the way! I was reluctant at first, but now I think it was a good choice – they are so simple that they don’t take away from the lampshade. Am sure Daisy will love London – it is quite something to watch your small ones take it all in.

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