Lampshades as Wedding Presents

Seems to be a popular choice, at least for some, fortunately! Would you consider a custom-made lampshade a suitable wedding present? It is certainly unique, and perfect for that enviable couple who already seem to have pretty much everything they could possibly need or want.

I have done a few commissions for weddings now, and I have to say, there is something very special about it, knowing that I am playing in a role in conveying how much love and understand one friend has for another, to commission such a personal item for such a personal occasion. I have to say that it is also rather daunting – I mean, who wants to be stuck with a naff wedding present that they hate and have to display for  years because a good friend gave it to them?! For those of you that are married, you know what I am talking about, right?! Don’t deny it! You know as well as I do that there is something you would like to get rid of but can’t!!!

Anyway, back to lampshades. Below is the most recent wedding lampshade. The couple had written a poem which was at the top of their wedding invite, so that is what I cut. I cut all the letters freehand, which may sound a bit crazy, but I find if I write them out first before cutting they lose some of their natural flow and just don’t look right. I did draw lines fo the text to sit on so that it wouldn’t wonder up or down a the ends. So, here you go….


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8 responses to “Lampshades as Wedding Presents

  1. freespiritdesigns

    this is lovely! an original and beautiful wedding gift 🙂

  2. thank you! I hope they liked it!

  3. What a lovely idea – it’s beautiful. x

  4. Just done some research (not on pinterest so not much to add to tweet chat) go to dashboard, appearances and widgets. In there look for images and then you will be able to add in all the bits you need (that you get from the pinterest site!) Hope that helps.

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