War on Lampshades

War on lampshades – the title says it all really, well, kinda. This is the first in s a new series, the tile of which is ‘camouflage’.

I have had this idea rolling around inside my skull for some time now. Then a few weeks ago I got an itchy scalpel finger and did the cutting. The major problem then was finding some camouflage material. You have no idea how hard it is to find! I went to my usual fabric lady, who did have some but it was the wrong weight, far too heavy, and the light just would not come through. I tried several other fabric shops, but nobody had anything. Then I hit upon my grand plan – try the outdoors shops and see if I could find a cheap ground sheet or cagoule that I could cut up. You wouldn’t believe how many of these shops Worcester has on offer (think I went to about 6) but nothing anywhere. Then one drizzly June day I was driving up to the printers and spotted an army surplus store – I had never noticed it before. All sorts of camouflage!!! Most of it was too heavy, but I did manage to find some murky green knitty-netty type stuff plus a tarpaulin and a large t-shirt in camouflage. And so I was in business. Luckily the t-shirt was just the right size for the papercut. And here you have it – the first in the series…. check out the slide show at the bottom (sorry, I couldn’t work out how to put two slide shows on the same post!)

And there is a second shade in the series already. I found some lovely snuggly lightweight furry fabric and thought it would be fun to use. I spent ages thinking about the right word for this  camouflage lampshade. I wanted something fun, something fitting, and something not to……well…., the ones I thought of and discounted were ‘love to love you baby’ but the writing had to be big enough for it not to get blocked by the pattern so it wouldn’t work. Then I thought of ‘sexy beast’ and ‘wild thing’ but they were too brash for my personal taste (but I might do them at some point!) I hope I have managed to strike the right balance between cute and saucy by going for ‘Kitten’. I’ll let you be the judge…..

One last thing before you look at the pictures, I am thinking of some kind of competition for the ‘camouflage kitten’ lampshade, so if you ar interested in winning it, watch out for more blog posts over the next couple of weeks!

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3 responses to “War on Lampshades

  1. Ooh, these are very different. I like them a lot.

  2. I would never have thought…. Worth the hunting around though.

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