July Already!

Wowzers – we are in July – that means I have officially been in business for 6 months. I guess i should do some figures and work out how things are going. From the last bumbling around with the books, I think I might actually be doing OK – not sure why I am so surprised! There is still a huge way to go, but hopefully I have made a good start.

I was hoping to have something very exciting to show you this morning, but no – it hasn’t really worked. The thing is, amazing as I am, not every idea works! What I had been trying to do was to cut a skull (standard paper, not a real one, although…..am giving myself ideas!) I had a go last night and spent ages doing it. I thought it was coming out OK, but once it was finished, it just looked a bit pathetic really, and not that much like a skull at all. Total rubbish. It was very disappointing. So…. I am not showing you any pictures today. But to make up for it, here are a couple of links to some rather good skulls, if that’s your thing….

Firstly, the amazing Kirsty Mason – I love her style of cutting. Check out her blog for her fab skull, and many other great works.

And if you really like skulls, check out the Skull Appreciation Society

So there you have it, sorry I have not been able to be more interesting this morning – it’s hard work, this blog malarkey! I think this post wins ‘most terrible post’ award, and perhaps I shouldn’t even publish it, but I did say to myself that if I was going to do this blog I would do it honestly and openly, which means sharing with you the failures and the rubbish boring bits aswell as any excitingness, so there you have it. I am hoping that I will have something exciting for you later in the week – a brave new project that I have started – all will be revealed by Thursday, I promise!


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17 responses to “July Already!

  1. We all have days like that sometimes, don’t worry about it, hopefully things will go better for you today
    Lindsay xx

  2. Ruth

    I am impressed with anyone who can wield a craft knife with any degree of talent, so I’d probably be made up to make a not very good skull!LOL. Hope today is better
    Ruth x

  3. ae chin up love we all have dodgy days ..some of us more than others lol xxx

  4. Definitely not a worst post ever. You are honest and show that you are human (well you are always so full of energy I had begun to wonder!). I have shared my disasters on my blog (yes even pictures!). Good luck with the play room!

  5. What a shocking post!! Only joking! Nice to know that you are human and make mistakes too. I’ll bet though, that it didn’t look half as bad as you think it did. xxx

  6. Oh hun we all have bad days ((Hugs)) hope it will be a better one today xx

  7. Tina Teasdale

    Awww hun , im sure it wasnt as bad as you think , i think as crafters ( and im the worst culprit ) we can be very critical of our work . Im certain that all will seem much better soon , HUGS . Tina x

  8. I find that when things don’t go as planned it’s because it’s leading me to something that’ll actually work!

  9. It’s as interesting to see/hear about failed attempts as it is your successes, I thoroughly approve of this sort of blogging and will be following suit more! From a fellow skull appreciator 🙂 x

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