glass half empty, or glass half full?

What a week this is turning into! I’m not even going to mention the ‘            ‘ which as we all know has been unseasonable to say the least. But, in other areas, it has not been a good week so far either.

Firstly there was the disasterous cutting, which you already know about.I am almost at the point of seeing the funny side, but not quite.

Then we have had the news that our camera is non repareable – apparently it is out of date and they no longer make the parts – we thought we had only had it a couple of years – amazing how a couple of years can actually add up to more like 8 years!

On top of this we have had the cancellation of the school mini olympics, due to bad ‘         ‘.So total re-plan of how tomorrow will run. I mean, I know I will have more time to do what I need to, but some how that isn’t helping with my plan as I now have faffing about time before my trip to Ludlow.

To make it even worse, my 2 year old will not stop repeating his bestest joke, which really, is not all that great.In fact, not even really a joke at all!

I have also had a bit of a nightmare with Linked In this week after accidently inviting everyone I have ever e-mailed to ‘connect’ with me – have ended up with some very interesting connections, including a couple of people I really don’t care for – and now it would just be trez rude to delete them, no?

AND total PTA overload – we had a big thinger at school on Friday which was fab, but then the fall out is that as joint treasurer there is alot of adding up and messing about with receipts and dishing funds back out blah de blah – its hard work when both parites involved in these delicate financial entanglements are being yanked this way and that by impatient school children and screached at by hungry toddlers.

But, I am not generally a glass half empty kinda gal, so lets look on the positive side…… lets see how many I can come up with…..

1. I am delivering lots of stock to a new retailer tomorrow – watch out Ludlow! Will report more in another post!

2. I am all ready prepared for my stall at the local high school summer fair – how orgaise am I!!

3. I managed to clean the bathroom floor today (might not seem like alot to you, but its a big nasty job to me!)

4. I am on the verge of signing up to a regularly monthly craft fair at a place I very much admire – watch this space for news on that one, and if you are a Worcester/Malvern person intersted in a monthly craft fair, get in touch and I will tell you more.

5. I have managed to turn my studio back into a dining room in time for the weekend.

6. I made a new lampshade – I like it very much – here is a picture!

This rings me to my final point – we have 17 people in da house this weekend.! Nine adults, eight children, and lots of terrible ‘              ‘ – what could possily go wrong?! Should be lots of fun! Old friends from school/London/Bristol days who are all a huge part of our lives still. Loads of beds to make up, a mahoosive supermarket shop to do, lots of cleaning and tidying, and meal planning etc. and a huge amount of cleaning up and washing to do when they have all gone home. Depends which way you look at it – glass half empy? Nah, most definately half full!


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11 responses to “glass half empty, or glass half full?

  1. Oh I’m so glad it’s not just me that has belly up weeks! But on the plus side it sounds like things are moving in the right direction paper cutting -wise. Love that lamp!

    • hehe, yes, it happens to us all I think! At least it is Thursday, so this week can;t go on much longer – and this week officially ends on Friday lunchtime, I have decided!

  2. We have had an absolutely pants week too! Dad ill, large traffic fine and a crashed truck (the latter two both entirely due to my husband). Here’s hoping that things improve for us all! And what’s this about a monthly craft fair?

  3. Kirsty

    I love this! Definitely a glass half full person but a strong reminder that I used to be a glass half empty person so I’m very grateful for the person I have become 🙂 x x
    (P.s sorry the PTA stuff has been hard work 😦 )

    • Thanks Kirsty! I don;t mind a bit of hard work at the PTA – its all for a worth while cause. Looking forward to our well deserved night out tomorrow!x

  4. Love the lamp. Seems that things are going well on the business front for you so definitely a half full day. Relax and enjoy the weekend – it will go much better that way!

  5. Love the lamp looks great. Sorry you are having a bad week, hope you have a good weekend and a better week next week xx

  6. Caroline E

    Gorgeous Lamp. Hope you have a better weekend. Hugs Caroline xxxx

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