Dodgy video

Ok, so I have made a dodgy video – you are lucky I am putting it on here, as I really don’t like it. Or maybe that should be unlucky that I am subjecting you to it!!

The major problem with it is that I can’t work out how to stop the laptop from making strange random whirling sounds, which crop up every now and then through the video – seriously unprofessional. Then of course there was the husband walking across the background, and then the phone ringing – it was a lot harder than I thought.

And here we have it – the next hurdle – I can’t upload the flamin’ thing on to the blog – grrrrrrrr – there must be some way to do it without having to resort to a blog upgrade. I have a horrible feeling about this, as I think I know what I have to do, and I don’t want to do it. Am going to go and research…..

…….and yes, it is as I thought…… I am going to have to put it on YouTube for all the world to see. Now, I know that all the world can come and see my blog anytime, but YouTube – everyone has heard of that, and looks for stuff on it – what if someones SEES it!! I don’t mind you lovely blog readers seeing it so much, as I feel I kind of know you – well, some of you I have actually met – many times! (waves to Felicity!)

Big sigh, OK, am going to go and do it…….am spurred on by how well my lovely Shiny Pigeon friend manages to do hers, and I don’t see her making a big fuss about it! In fact, whilst I go and suss out how to make it work, why don’t you check out her blog – shinypigeon

And finally, half an hour later, it has uploaded to YouTube – so here you go…

mrsmcindoe and her terrible video!


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10 responses to “Dodgy video

  1. Well, done, you’re really brave! Amazing cutting too, I would cut my fingers for sure! Can’t wait to see the next video where you make it into a lampshade!

  2. Wow i am so impressed at your vlogging, well done you! You make the paper cutting look so effortless, i’m sure there would be a very different result if i had a go at anything with a scalpel – i adore your green nail varnish too by the way. Xx

  3. thank you! I felt very brave, but I hate looking at it again, makes me cringe! The nail varnish is barry m spring green – I love it! xx

  4. popi

    It’s great to see how you do this. I would have cut my fingers off in no time if I tried it! well done you!

  5. it’s looking great 🙂 I’m not brave enough to do videos so way to go! 🙂

  6. love it! the amateurishness (spelling?!) only adds to the charm 🙂

    it is really interesting to see you work and it come across how much you enjoy it which is lovely. You make me want to have a go although i too would fear for my fingers i think (especially after the recommended glass of wine!)

    it would be great to see a follow up on how to make up the shade – i’ve actually been intending to have a go at making some fabric lampshades for ages so perhaps seeing you put together your paper cut ones would spur me on to giving it a go! x

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