A little bit of sunshine

Yay for the sunshine! Have had a very happy morning so far, and I am sure it is down to the lovely sunshine we ar having in Worcester today. I have had a great morning at the park with my smallest chimp and a gentle stroll home along the river. All this sunshine and fresh air and general wonderfulness are perfect for helping a whirling mind settle on some creative possibilities – am narrowing down a few options of projects to work on next.

First project will be a yellow lampshade, in praise of the sun, and hopefully with a green papercut in nit, which may or may not show through as green, I will have to experiment. Am thinking birds and vines, and have a little birdy in mind that I cut by mistake  the other night when I was actually thinking about Buddleia…. funny how things turn out!

Second project is Christmas related – have kind of agreed in my had on my colour scheme and general ideas for a range of Christmas cards – I know it is a long way off, but if I want to get them done, agreed on, printed, packed and into the shops, I haven;t actually got that long at all once you factor in long summer holiday with two small chimps!

And I have also been doing a lot of thinking about craft fairs. I am finding that for me they are really not working very well, and so next year I am going to have to be far more choosy about which ones I do. I think I need to find one to do on a regular basis, rather than random ones here and there. If I had done my research properly when I started out in January, I probably would have found this out, but then back in January I thought I was going to be mainly doing greetings cards, not bespoke lampshades!

RIght, well, I a going to get back to my lovely sunny day – am watching my neighbours teenage boy mow my lawn which is very pleasing – not the looking at the boy part, it’s that fact that I don’t have to cut it myself, I don’t have to nag, nag, nag, nag, nag the husband to do it, and I get to give an unemplyoyed local lad a bit of cash to take his girlfriend out with – everyone’s a winner!

Oh, and as I haven’t given you any lovely pics of new lampshades and whatnot to look at, here are a few of sunny days instead…. it is a rather random selection, and some are not very good (the endless quest for a decent close up of a butterfly!) but to me this is what I think of when I think of summer and sunny days.


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9 responses to “A little bit of sunshine

  1. It is a great human trait – learning all the time but chastising ourselves when we do! You gave the craft fairs a go and now you have a plan to move forward! It is amazing the difference in how you feel when the sun comes out! We too are enjoying the sun. Good idea to get on top of Christmas cards and love the sound of the lamp shade. Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts. 🙂

  2. ha, yes, it is due to chuck it down tomorrow, for school sports day!

  3. freespiritdesigns

    we have sun too! although clouding over a bit now…

    your new birdie lampshade sounds wonderful – looking forward to seeing how it turns out! x

  4. Lovely weather here in lancs to 🙂 the furbabys are all basking in the garden xxxx

  5. Lovely photos-can’t beat a bit of sun!Look forward to seeing how your Christmas cards come along.

    • thanks – had forgotten about them for a little bit – got sidetracked with the lampshade project – pics of my progress so far are on the mrsmcindoe facebook page and twitter, or actually, follow this link! set=a.441818325858426.106145.327104620663131&type=3&theater

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