Bird & Leaf Lampshade

You may have seen the beginnings of this lampshade on Facebook last week – I am pleased to say it was finished on Friday, and had an outing to a fair on Saturday! Here is the story….

OK, so, first off, I made a start on some paper cutting for a series of Christmas cards. I have to say, I should have perhaps put away the other project I was working on first as I seem to have muddled up in my head which design I was working on and I was thinking about Buddleia when I should have been thinking about baubles, and for some random reason my brain desided to override both, but sticking with the latter B, and so I cut a little birdie, which was rather sweet. And it got me thinking about a design that has been at the back of my mind, slowly taking shape, for a few weeks now. My thoughts had been for a lampshade with birds and grass and so on, thought it would be nice and summery. And I had a piece of yellow fabric in mind for it.

So, whilst I was looking for some green card for the cutting, I came across a papercut I did ages ago, just a sort of foliage type pattern – here is a picture of it….

Does it look familiar? Well if you follow me on twitter (@mrsmcindoe) then you may have spotted that it is my wallpaper. And if you look closely at this blog, you will see there is a grey version of it as my background (is it wallpaper or background? Not really sure!)

And so, I thought I could use that style/pattern/whatever along with the birds, and then perhaps some vines or something to link them together.

So these pictures show the early stages of the design. You might have already seen this over on my Facebook page (mrsmcindoe).

As you can see, I don’t drawer it out first. From the feedback I get from people, this often comes as a surprise – how can you cut without a pattern or a line to follow, how do you know where to cut. Well, look at it this way – the knife is my pen…. or pencil….. when you drawer a picture, you don’t have a line or pattern there already for you to follow (or maybe you do, but in my book that’s cheating!) Anyhoo – I do sometimes think, maybe I should draw a bit out – and so this time, I tried drawing in a bit of the trailing vines…….nope…..didn;t work….I just got all confused and nearly made a  big mistake! So totally freehand it is from now on! I suppose I should add (because if I don;t I will feel like I have mislead you) that the original bird I cut out I used to line up where I wanted the birds on the lampshades, andso I did use a template in some way – but I did’t cut strictly round it! Honest! I am not sure why this is so important to me, but it really is!

And so here it is….the finished shade. What do you think? I am rather pleased!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I mentioned, the shade had its first public airing at The Guildhall in Worcester on Saturday. A friend was having a shoe sample sale there (hundreds of amazing Italian and Spanish shoes), and in return for help with setting up and packing away, she let me have a little side-show of my shades and other work. Gottta love working with other local small businesses! By they way, if you want to go onto the mailing list for the next shoe sale (once a quarter at The Guildhall) let me know and I will pass your details on.

Anyway, the lampshade – it had lots of admiring glances, and one lady who has gone home to measure her lamp base and see if it will fit!

Overall I am very happy with the design. I didn’t manage to get any grass in there as originally planned, but I did fit in vines – win some, lose some I guess! The only slight problem is that the green of the cutting does not really show through. I did realise it probably wouldn’t when I started as the paper is quite thick, but I carried on regardless – hey, who likes perfect anyway!


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8 responses to “Bird & Leaf Lampshade

  1. Caroline E

    wow this is stunning love it

  2. It’s beautiful.It amazes me that you can cut so delicately with a scalpel,I’m all over the place!

  3. stunning hun, love it. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Ali Pembroke

    That’s a really fab one Mrs!!!!

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