Oh help, it’s the summer!

OK, so it isn’t really much of a summer, but being British I am going to hold my head up high, maintain a stiff upper lip, and jolly well enjoy myself – hear that you rain clouds? You can’t bring me down!

I have been looking forward to the summer holidays with mixed feelings. Firstly, it will be lovely to have some time away with my little family, will be great to catch up with friends and extended family, amazing to have days out, fab that I won’t have to do the school run for six weeks and will have my lovely little girl by my side.

But…… how on earth am I going to get any work done? I don’t make enough money from my business to pay for any holiday clubs or childcare, and also I am not sure I would want to take up that opportunity if I did, so I have to find a way to work whilst the children are here. I am lucky that grandparents will help out a little bit (Grannie currently in the garden with the boy picking the goosegogs which enables me to write this!) and also that we have fab neighbours and friends. Also that my children are just about at the age where I can leave them to play together for short bursts of time.

Not sure how to get round the going away thing though. First off we have a week in Devon with Felicity & Andrew on their amazing farm – brilliant fun for all of us, good food, lovely house, a pool, apple orchards to wander round and many farm animals to feed. There is internet connection there, but I can;t really keep nipping into the kitchen to faff about on Twitter etc – would be most rude!!

It will all look something like this….

Then we have our Olympic week – we are lucky enough to have tickets to two events – Womens basketball and Mens hockey, a week apart, and even more lucky that Grannie lives in London so we have somewhere to stay. And again, there is internet connection there, but I will be too busy doing exciting London things with the children.

And at the end of the summer we have two weeks in the cottage in Wales – absolutely no chance of internet connection there – not even a mobile phone signal unless you climb up to the top of the steep track! And I am not sure if Mid Wales has internet cafes!! (If you live near Cefon Coch or Llanfair Caereinion and know of any, please let me know!) Incase you haven’t been to Mid Wales, it looks like this… (I think it might be Happy Valley? Somewhere near there)

So, you will be reading this post on Monday, it having actually been written last Wednesday. I will have nipped into the farmhouse kitchen to quickly ‘publish’ it and tweet /fb the link, and then I will no doubt be off to feed some chickens, chase the children, or chop some wood – you get the idea. So I am sorry this is not as straight and direct as I would like it to be, but at least it is here! And please keep a watch out for posts on a Thursday – I will hopefully have a fully prepared schedule of interesting people for you to meet!

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