Thursday Showcase No. 2 Rebecca Louise Wilson

Welcome to the second Thursday Showcase blog. Today I want to share my friend Rebecca Wilson with you! Rebecca and I both sell work through the fantastic website Made By Hands Of Britain. This website specialises in promoting the work of talented UK Designer Makers, and there are some ever so interesting people to be found. Rebecca and I signed to the company around the same time, and it was useful to have another newbie to chat to. I have never seen anything like her work before. It is lots of fun, very individual, and totally unique.

1. Whatsyer name and where d’ya come from?!

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I trade under the name ‘Rebecca Louise Wilson Designs’

2. How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you get into it?

I studied art and design to A’level but then travel, marriage, home and family took over!  So when my kids were about 8 and 10 I decided to go back to college and did a part-time Art Foundation Course. This was a great way to get back into drawing and making and I felt confident enough to pursue things further, moving onto a full time degree course 4 years ago. I graduated from York College last summer(2011) with a First Class Honours degree in Contemporary Craft and have slowly been working on my business since then. I discovered enamelling in my second year of the degree course and have been hooked ever since!

3. What is the hardest part of your work?

Working from home it can be quite difficult to stay focused, there always seems to be something else to do! Having a dedicated workspace is definitely a bonus, and it’s really important to get feedback from friends/family/twitter etc as working on your own is a bit daunting at times!

4. And what is the most rewarding?

It’s great to hear that someone loves what you have created for them! I’ve done a few commissions which is a bit scary but it’s lovely to make something extra special for your customer.

5. What do you class yourself as – artist, designer/maker, crafter, creative?

I would say I am a designer-maker.

6. Who from the creative world do you admire?

Anyone who takes pride in their work and makes beautiful things!  There is so much fantastic talent out there! I love colour, pattern and design inspired by nature…OrlaKiely, Rob Ryan, TordBoontje are some of my favourites. Probably my absolute favourite artist is Henri Matisse and I’m always inspired by his bright cut-outs. I love a bit of cutting and sticking!

7. Where does your inspiration come from?

My designs start with naive line drawings and doodles which often find their way onto the finished enamel piece. Simple everyday scenes, trips to the seaside, the countryside near my home all inspire me and I hope my work prompts happy memories!

8. Do you listen to music/watch TV whilst you are working, and if so, what?

I’ve always got the radio on,  I’m a Radio 1 girl!

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I’d like to continue to build my business so that ‘Rebecca Louise Wilson Designs’ become an instantly recognisable brand available across the UK and beyond…

Oh, and a little place in the Seychelles would be nice….

10. What sacrifices have you made for your art?!

Ooh, there are too many to name!

Probably ‘time’. It was pretty tricky managing two teenagers, husband and a dog whilst studying for my degree! But that’s where multi-tasking comes in, and if I can survive that, I can survive anything!!

And there you have it – an introduction and insight to Rebecca and her work. If you are a Facebook user, why not check out her new page? If you prefer Twitter, you can find Rebecca here.

I hope you are enjoying my new little series – I certainly am – so interesting to learn  more about interesting people!

And can I just add very quickly, I am very sorry that this is so late in reaching you today – I am in deepest darkest Devon and tinternet is not so reliable in these parts!

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