No computer!

Well I was all set to write a post this morning about progress on my Christmas cards – but the flamin’ computer upstairs is not connecting to the internet (for two days now) and all the photos are on that computer – not a scooby how to get them over to this one – am sure it is possible with disks and those little thingers that you plug in the side of the computer – ummmm – ummmm – (very long pause) MEMORY STICKS – that’s the thing! But that would require finding the memory stick or some kind of disk, which would mean tidying the office….hmmmm……not so keen on that idea.

So am very sorry to tell you that there are no pictures to look at again :0(
So perhaps I can point you in the direction of some other fantastic blogs that you might enjoy….. here are a few that I have been enjoying recently….

Sue Bulmer

Tickled Pink


Whilst you are enjoying those, I shall be doing the usual school holiday stuff – ten tonnes of washing, four times as much cleaning and tidying, arranging playdates, and re-arranging them when I have muddled my dates up, fretting about  not getting any work done, hoping M&S haven’t run out of school uniforms by the time I get there next week, getting ready for the next lot of packing to go on holiday, ‘gently encouraging’ my daughter to write her homework diary each day, and generally needing wine far earlier than normal.

Although….thinking about it….. I have actually done some work stuff – I have been speaking with a new company about them stocking my wares, and possibly some new ideas specially for them, which is all a bit hush hush and rather exciting. And I have finished a lovely commission for a wedding present (which I will show you when a) I can get the computer to work and b) the couple have had the gift. AND doing alot of thinking about another commission, which makes me happy!

Oh, and I guess having lots of fun with the smalls and not having to do the school run or worry about baths or bedtime, or whether there is a clean uniform for the morning, and playing with the new puppy and catching up with friends – ahhh, life is not so bad after all  – glass half full, remember!


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2 responses to “No computer!

  1. Thank you for the mention and also the reminder that we need to be positive! I will take that on board, and also get the blog updated too!! Enjoy your puppy, gorgeous little thing that she is. xxxx

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