Wedding Commission

Wedding commissions – I have a love hate thing going on with them!

I love to do them, and have done a fair few now – both lampshades and original artworks. It is such a privilege to be involved in the most important event in a couples life, and to have been chosen from thousands and thousands of other people to make that special piece. I love that I can bring a friend or relatives ideas to live, and can work on an artistic project with someone else, or in some cases several people – it is wonderful having so many different takes on that little seed of an idea, and watching it grow into something we can all be proud of.

But…… there are dangers! A commission means doing what your client asks, and they don’t always have the most straightforward requests

Can you do a dog on a lampshade?

Can you do a cat exactly like ours?

Can you fit this very long sentence on one line?

Can you do exactly the same but in graduating sizes?

All these questions strike fear into my heart. As I answer with a cheery ‘well, we can certainly give it a go, and I am sure we can come up with something’ what I a really thinking is ‘F@4&, never in a million years’.

And then there are the timescales, and finding the right paper, and ordering the ring sets/mounts/frames on time and in the right sizes.

And the sheer pressure of knowing that if you cock it up, you only have a very short amount of time to dust yourself down, pick up your scalpel, and work through the night starting from the very beginning.

But, as I have said before, a glass half full attitude (and a glass of wine) makes everything all right really, and if others have faith in me, maybe I should have a little more faith in myself and just get on with it. And do you know what, every time it seems to work, and every time (so far!) the client has been over the moon with the finished product.

The last commission I did was organised by the sister of the groom. She arranged it so that the artwork would be finished and actually in the happy couples home on their return from honeymoon. I hope they are enjoying it as much as I enjoyed making it. Note the little dog int he bottom corner who had t be part of it! Here it is….

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  1. Commisions are a nightmare, inspiring, nervewracking but wonderful when you get that email saying ‘I love it!’. Could I also ask if you have a contact for lamp bases, I’m being told that I need to do the ‘full package’. Looking forward to Thursday!

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