Bromyard Folk Festival

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This weekend I did my first ever two-day craft fair. It had cleverly been organised in the centre of Bromyard to coincide with the famous folk festival. We certainly had some interesting characters wandering up and down, with their pewter tankards attached to their belts, and some amazing costumes and fabulous hats!

I can’t say I took a huge amount of money, but I did make enough to cover my costs and have a few pints afterwards! And I have some interesting leads to follow up regarding other craft fairs, possible retail outlets, artists to check out who might inspire me further, and possible projects/collaborations.

And of course I met some wonderful people too! Thought I would introduce you to them..

Lovers Orchard – I was lucky to be right next to Karen and Caz who run this fab online gift store and also stock my stuff. Was great to get to know them a bit better, and have a good nosy around their extensive range of gifts, artwork and handmade cards.

Names In Frames – wonderful to meet Kevin and his wife who have been doing craft fairs for many years, so had lots of great tips to share. It really makes these things worth while when you can meet such interesting, helpful and friendly people. And yes, I did walk away with my very own name in a frame!

Colour Boutique – the lovely Carole, with her fab range of bags and scarves int he most gorgeous colours and styles was super  helpful, and we are definitely staying in touch so we can help each other out with news and information about other craft fairs.

Jane Dickinson – again, another smiley friendly face. She had some stunning photographs for sale. I particularly liked the ones of doorways and arches.

Chiselbrick – Joz had the most original idea of the day, and I am definitely bookmarking his website for future birthday presents. I have never seen anything like it before – reclaimed bricks transformed into mini sculptures/artwork/home&garden decorations.

Handmade In Hartlebury – the fabby Jo has a very cool range of bunting, aprons, beanbags, decorative hearts, cushions – I know where to go next time I want something to cheer the house up a bit or for great presents for all ages.

And on top of that were the lovely people to the other side of me with fantastic mosaics, the amazing Zoe who organised the whole thing, Becky and her jewellery, um….. and loads of others, too many to mention!

Finally, sorry about the quality of the photos – the camera is still broken and so I had to use my husband’s iphone (and I think I may have had a glass or two or cider by that point!)


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2 responses to “Bromyard Folk Festival

  1. Missed you at Bizart, although I can see that you were having a fab time! xx

  2. yes, I was sad not to be bale to make it – fingers crossed for a Christmas get together! xx

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