An update

Phew, super  busy! No time to write anything much of interest, so will just let you know what I have been up to, and what I am trying to get on with.

Firstly, am working away on these flamin’ Christmas cards. I have some ideas finalised now and approved by my most important stockist, so need to crack on with getting the final cuts sorted so that I can take them over to the printer and get them set up and ready to go.

Company logo – I have been asked to design a company logo. I was so excited to be asked to do this – what an honour! After extensive talks with the client and a couple of false starts we now have a design that we are both happy with. So a final cut needs to be done, and then off to the printer to get it properly scanned in and set in the right type of format ready for use. Here is the sketch cut…

Apple tree shades – am working on some ideas for a commission to do two light shades – a table lamp and a standard lamp – with an apple theme. I think I am happy with what I have done so far, but will need to check in with the client – I am very lucky that this is not required for a certain date, so have had lots of time to think about it. I am looking forward to communications with the client and finding out if they like the idea as much as I do!

Christening commission – this is a new one, and extra special as it is a present from the godmother to her godson. The client has been fab to work with – I think because we both have similar ideas on what would work!! I have a fair way to go though as I am not happy with the lettering yet, so not ready for a final cut. It is quite a tight deadline though, so I need to pull my finger out and get going.

Christmas cards again – I am designing a Christmas card for a local small business. Very exciting! Due to meet with the client this week to discuss colourways, sizes, and of course my final design. Fingers crossed she likes it and we can press on with getting them to the printers.

So that is where I am at on this sunny September morning. I have a small dog asleep next to me as I type, daughter at school, son at nursery, an almost tidy house…. I better get on with the work then! Hope you all have a smashing week, and don’t forget to look out for an interesting person on the blog on Thursday!


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3 responses to “An update

  1. Wow! So much going on, fantastic and well done you! xxx

  2. Jenny Milner

    Love the new design.

  3. I like the apple tree thingy.. hope to see you on the 13th at the Jill x

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