Inspirational Trip to St Swithun’s

It is not often I set out with the intention of looking for inspiration, but last week I made an exception. I was invited by renowned architectural photographer Andy Marshall to join him on his visit to St Swithun’s Church in Worcester. St Swithun’s as it stands today was built in the 1730’s, and has not been much altered since, making it of great historical and architectural interest. Andy was visiting as part of an ongoing project with the Churches Conservation Trust. Click here to find out more.

It was an amazing opportunity to have a look around one of Worcester’s historic buildings with someone in the know at my side to answer any daft questions and teach me a little more about the things I find inspiring. We both found lots to take photos of and inspiration from.

One of the interesting things I learnt was that Pelicans will tear out their own flesh to feed their young babies if there is no other food around!!! Well, actually, this is all tied up in legend from medieval Europe where the symbol of a Pelican was used to represent the Eucharist – they don;t actually do it. Check out the Wikipedia entry for Pelicans if you want to find out more. What led to this discovery was an examination of the amazing triple-decker pulpit – check out Andy’s photo

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos below – I am afraid they are a bit rubbish, but you might find something to inspire you! For much better photos taken by Andy Marshall click here

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