Christmas Cards

I am so pleased to finally be able to write this post about Christmas Cards as it means  have done it – designed, printed, packed, ready to ship!

I started work on these cards back in July – yes, ages ago! Whilst you were enjoying the summer sunshine (well, those of you who went abroad!) I was getting my Christmas groove on….or not as it happens – I found it really hard work thinking about Christmas in the middle of the summer. But I got there in the end. I came up with way more designs than I had planned, and as my two favourite retailers both liked different designs, the range has actually got 9 cards in instead of my usual 6.

Now, the other exciting thing to tell you is that because I am just such a lovely and amazing person, I thought I would run a little competition – you can win yourselves a set of cards (so 9 cards, one of each design, full rrp £22.50)! All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me which is your favourite card and if you like glitter or no glitter, and I will put all the names in a hat at the end of the week and let you know who the lucky winner is! What do you think? Sound like a good idea?

Well, you will of course need to see the cards – here they are….

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So, all you need to do to enter is leave me a comment with your favourite card and if you like glitter or not, and check in again this time next week to find out if you have won!


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30 responses to “Christmas Cards

  1. My fave is definitely the kissing rabbits, wide-eyed owl and the fox. (Without glitter.) They make a good selection. Well done!

  2. Petrified owl in bauble card with no glitter!

  3. I love love love the owl and fox “christmas trees” they are fabulous. I’m afraid I prefer no glitter too, but I know lots of folk want glitter at Christmas!! They are all gorgeous and once again I’m going to tell you how clever you are! xx

  4. Lara

    I love the snowflake! The fox christmas tree is fab as well! But obviously they are all beautiful! Also prefer no glitter! x

  5. It’s all about the star Christmas tree! All really nice though seasoned with a pinch of glitter!

  6. My favourite is the owl bauble (and I think I’d like glitter!). x

  7. Jodi

    I love the snowflake bauble (if I have to pick only one, because I love them all!) I’m a “no glitter” too!

  8. Becky Anderson

    I love the star bauble (I find the the ribbon atheistically pleasing!) and though the glitter isn’t necessary you’ve got just the right amount on there. Great work as ever you talented lady.

  9. nicky

    hey hon, I like the baubles best and at a push (as I love them all) would say the stary rabbits kissing is my favorite… with just the right amount of glitter.
    great idea as I have just spent ages looking at them trying to decide!!
    hope to see you soon, lots of love xxxxx

  10. Gorgeous cards, my fave has to be the cats as a cat lover and of course I love glitter apart from when my daughter gets hold of it 🙂

  11. Your cards are all beautiful but seeing as you’re twisting my arm I shall say the cats with glitter. I’m thinking of my 9 year old here .. she is crazy about our two cats and naturally she loves glitter!

  12. You are soooo clever! I really love these as they are so different from the usual. If pushed my fav is the snowflake. I am firmly in the glitter camp. You only do it once a year!

  13. I like the Christmas Tree made of circles and no glitter it’s just annoying when it gets everywhere unless it’s really well stuck on glitter!x

  14. Beautiful designs! My favourite one is the little owl one ❤

  15. Oooops…I forgot to say I LOVE glitter! I’m still a little girl at heart ❤

  16. The Purple Owl with the star at the top and star type eyes – no glitter, they don’t need it!!!

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