Almost November? No way!!

Anyone else totally shocked that it seems to be almost November already? How did that happen?! I suppose I have been super busy, but then I feel like I am always super busy. So what have I been up to?

Well…… I have been undertaking investigations into getting some fabric printed with my designs – firstly so that I can make lampshades with them, but then also to make a whole range of soft furnishing type stuff – and thinking table runners, napkins, cushions, doorstops – what do you think – you like, or no? It has been much harder than I anticipated to be honest – story of the year in many ways! I have narrowed it down to two options – firstly to get someone local to have a stab at it for me – problem is, I am not sure if the fabric is quite right, or alternatively use Spoonflower – an American custom fabric printing company, or a new UK based company – Be Fab Be Creative. The problem with these second options is that I will need to get my head round some kind of digital image programe thing on the computer – photoshop, gimp, that type of thing – I really haven’t a scooby how these things work and it is making my brain hurt just thinking about it! Hmmm…..either that or perhaps pay someone else to sort the images out – ah, now there’s a thought!

I have also recently been approached about a collaborative project with another company – I really need to get back to them today to say YES I would be interested – hard to find the time and head space sometimes though, but as the children are away for a few days with their Dad I should make the most of the peace and quiet.

But back to real life and stuff that is actually happening rather than things whirling round inside my head – I was at The Fold Monthly Market again yesterday. I can;t tell you how happy I am I have found this place! I have never been to a market that is so friendly and helpful – the other stall holders are a fantastically cheery lot, an amazing range of good quality craft work and locally produced foods and drinks (including yummy beer and cider!). So I filled my tum with the most exquisite pastry products, drank soothing sweet tea, and I got these super snuggly gloves – am very pleased with them! (I was a good girl, I managed to stay away from the beer and cider sampling this week!)

And the organisers are a lovely lot – couldn’t be more helpful. I have signed up to do the next ones in November and December – so come and say hello if you get the chance – 10am until 2pm on the 4th Sunday of every month – follow this link for more info …. The Fold Monthly Market And if you are a local designer maker of food producer, it might be worth getting in touch to see if you can grab yourself a pitch – I don’t think there are many spare, but it’s worth a shot!

OK, I think that’s about it for today – sorry, it has been a bit of a rambling one! Am off to find someone interesting for you for my post on Thursday.

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  1. I feel for you Naomi. It’s not good when you have a great idea that means you have to learn how to do something that makes your brain hurt. But it will be worth it as your idea sounds like a runner… ahem 🙂

    All the best, Pearletta x

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