Window Dressing for Christmas

Wow, what a day yesterday was! Totally manic, but then again, when isn’t it? The big deal about yesterday was of course the window display. I have been having to keep this project somewhat under wraps as we were waiting for confirmation that the tenancy at the new shop was all OK to go ahead. When I say ‘we’ I really mean Mr Sean Austin, purveyor of fine cards and stationery at Austin & Co, formerly of The Courtyard, Belle Vue Terrace, Malvern. Sean now has a brand spanking new shop – biggerer and betterer than the last, and with two huge windows right in the heart of Malvern’s premium shopping area (that’ll be 18 Belle Vue Terrace then)

So how did this come to be, a second window display…..well, I have to say, we have been discussing it for some time. I wanted to give myself a new challenge, and Sean was willing to take a gamble in the hope that between us we could create something fantabulous. Of course it had to represent Malvern, and so we have the Malvern Hills in the background, with Malvern stylee houses and the famous Malvern street lamps, and even a row of average Malvernites strolling along the front (is that what they call themselves do you think?) And of course the new shop, pride of place in the middle, including window display!

We thought we would be cool and classy and keep it all white. I had a great idea to use foam board rather than card to give a bit more depth, and as we talked about this, our vision grew and grew until we had come up with what you now see. RIght up until the last moments of a very long day, we were a little unsure how it would turn out, and how would tackle certain issues – speaking of tackle….yes, well, we did end up using a lot of fishing line (sorry, that really wasn’t very funny at all – I’ll stop the’ joke’s now).We had been a little concerned about how best to light the display, and had all sorts of ideas planned out, but as is often the case, a much simpler solution showed up and we were pleased! I think that with projects like this, a great deal of flexibility and lateral thinking is needed to pull them off. And so with a few wobbles up a precarious ladder, our best efforts at guestimating measurements (Sean: it’s about one of my handspans, Me: ok, one of my handspans plus a little bit it is then) we managed to do it. Have a look at the pictures – I would love to know what you think, so please send me an honest comment….

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OK, now before I go, you have to promise me that you will go check out and ‘like’ the Austin & Co. Facebook page – NOW!!


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9 responses to “Window Dressing for Christmas

  1. Jenny Milner

    You have surpassed yourself – or have you?

  2. You are amazeballsingly talented, very very cool. Please still talk to me when you are uber famous 🙂 xxx

  3. That is a very stunning window – I love it – you are very talented!

  4. It looks stunning. I would definately want to have a look in that shop, it looks so cosy and inviting.

  5. It is absolutely incredible, stunning. You are such a clever and talented lady! Next time I’m over that way I will be checking it out. xxxx

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