Unexplained Absence – Explained!

So you will have noticed that I have not been using the internet for work stuff recently. Well, the reason is two-fold….

Firstly, I have been trying to make changes to my blog/website. The aim was to incorporate everything onto one site, and this is the chosen one. however, it’s not as easy as one might think (well, not as easypeasy as I thought it would be. S I am waiting for the domain name thingy to work – apparently it can take up to 60 days to clear….I’m not really sure why it is so long, all I can tell you is that I am not very good at being kept waiting and its driving me a little bit crazy (more than normal!) So……nothing is happening so far….

Onto the second reason – I am not supposed to be working more than two hours a day at the moment because of my bipolar diagnosis. I had foolishly thought that I would be able to grasp this bipolar thing quite quickly but my case worker has had to remind me that it is only 6 weeks since my ‘manic episode’ and so to take things one day at a time. Now that is something definitely much easier said than done. So, I have been tinkering about with a few little projects, but not really getting much done. The medication I am on has given me creative block – well, I get a few ideas, but actually following through with them is proving problematic, especially trying to use a scalpel with shakey hands (side effect of the bipolar meds).

So, there you go – that’s why I have been somewhat off the radar recently.

Oh, there is one thing I have done – I have signed up for the year to do the monthly market at The Fold in Bransford. I love doing this market as there are so many creative people to chat to. If you are in the area on the fourth Sunday of each month I would love to see you, so pop on down and say hello!

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