Adventures in papercutting.

I work from my home in Worcester, where I can see the racecourse, the river and rowers, trees, trains and tarmac, sky, swans and shoppers, cyclists, children and cars, woodland, wildlife and windows. Inspiration is easy to find here.

My work is primarily with paper, scalpel and cutting mat. I only cut free hand, with no pre-drawn lines to follow or ideas to stick to. Although some work is thought about considerably before hand, the work I enjoy most is creating something from nothing, just by following a train of thought as I cut.

I think I first cut paper as a child, bored at the craft table, fiddling with the scissors instead of the pens – nothing much came of it. I later used scalpels at university whilst studying Land Administration and later Construction Management (with technical drawing and model making). I continued my adventures with scalpels studying Interior & Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Art & Design.

Since then I have been busy working for the man and having babies, making birthday cards for family and friends with much inspiration from my great friend Simon Fry (who is far too modest to exhibit his work!) and after a flash of inspiration last year I created a great piece of work for my husband for Valentines day, which got me thinking.

Then last year I visited the V&A with a good friend, Annabel, for her birthday where I was inspired by both the V&A exhibitions that we visited and encouraged by my friend, and so paper cutting in earnest began.

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  1. Edwards fettucini

    Very very cool.

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