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Inspirational Trip to St Swithun’s

It is not often I set out with the intention of looking for inspiration, but last week I made an exception. I was invited by renowned architectural photographer Andy Marshall to join him on his visit to St Swithun’s Church in Worcester. St Swithun’s as it stands today was built in the 1730’s, and has not been much altered since, making it of great historical and architectural interest. Andy was visiting as part of an ongoing project with the Churches Conservation Trust. Click here to find out more.

It was an amazing opportunity to have a look around one of Worcester’s historic buildings with someone in the know at my side to answer any daft questions and teach me a little more about the things I find inspiring. We both found lots to take photos of and inspiration from.

One of the interesting things I learnt was that Pelicans will tear out their own flesh to feed their young babies if there is no other food around!!! Well, actually, this is all tied up in legend from medieval Europe where the symbol of a Pelican was used to represent the Eucharist – they don;t actually do it. Check out the Wikipedia entry for Pelicans if you want to find out more. What led to this discovery was an examination of the amazing triple-decker pulpit – check out Andy’s photo

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos below – I am afraid they are a bit rubbish, but you might find something to inspire you! For much better photos taken by Andy Marshall click here

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Where to find inspiration….

…..look no further than your own home! Seriously, when I am stuck for inspiration, often a wander around my house can help. I did this a few days ago when I was a little lost on a project, and thought I would take my camera along so I could illustrate exactly what I mean. I just snapped away at little details that caught my eye as I wondered round aimlessly from room to room. Well, perhaps not aimlessly, just looking for inspiration I guess.

I should warn you that these are not terribly good photos – the reason is twofold – firstly, the Eos is broken (I tried to clean it – BIG mistake) and so I was using the Ixus, which I don’t think I have used for about 4 years, and it is nowhere near as good. The second is that I wasn’t trying to take amazing pictures, just to snap at what caught my eye, so that you will hopefully see it the same way – does that make sense, or does it sound a bit to artyfarty?!

Would be interested to hear if anyone finds any of these inspiring, or if it’s just me!

Right stop the rambling, here are the pics…

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Inspiration? Where does it come from again?

… I am sure I wrote it down here somewhere! I could really do with it a the moment as I seem to have a block – like writers block, but for cutting, or to be more precise, for curving!

Here I am, uninspired….

┬áDon’t worry, it’s a camera, not a gun, things aren’t that bad yet!

I am working on a project at the moment that I ALMOST have right, but there is something niggling me about it…. it needs a really big tweek in the right direction to make it work the way I have imagined. I guess this is the drawback of trying to be as original as possible – I can’t just copy something, which would be so much easier!

I have tried the usual distractions – beer, tv, biscuits, taking lots of photos of silly things, Pintrest, random google searches on odd words, looking through old books, and …… nada, zip, diddlysquat.

So am going to take it outside – perhaps a trip to playgroup and the supermarket and the fabric shop can help. And if my thoughts haven’t, at least my son will have had a good time, some chores will have been done, and we will both have had some fresh air and exercise.

Yes, must remember to play as well as to work – the problem is that when you love your work, it doesn’t feel like work, it feels more like play!


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I have been thinking a lot about inspiration recently, thanks to Pintrest! Am sure most of you will heave heard of it by now, but if not, go anc check it out – it is like an online place to store images of all the things that inspire you, make you laugh, or products that you want. Warning – it is a bit addictive!

Anyway, I have so many images all over the place – Pintrest, photo albums, computer files, books, magazines, scrap books, files, and most importantly in my head. I thought I would share some with you – these are just going to be random ones that I find from my computer files today….


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Where does inspiration come from?

This seems to be a question I am often asked. I find it quite hard to explain, as I take my inspiration from the world around me – shapes that I have seen in nature, in advertising, in architectural detail, food, fashion….. it is a never-ending list. Any image that appeals lodges in my head somewhere, and may or may not resurface at a later date, be that an hour later, or several years later.

I take lots of photographs, not always very good, but they feel important to me, and perhaps they help lodge the images in my brain .There are thousands and thousands of pictures on my computer that I have never gone back to, so it’s not like I spend hours trawling through old images for ideas, the important ones stick where it matters. So to show you what inspires me, here are some images from a walk to the pub on Saturday. We walked up to an amazing pub, The Turf Locks, just outside Exeter. Hope you like…

the curve of the path, the tall masts of the boats, the colours, the shadows….

the light, the colours, the textures, delicate new life v. harsh old twigs

always take loads of pictures of branches against the sky
love the shadows
wallpaper inside the pub – very pretty
mouse inside the pub – think it is made of very thin hardboard with patterns/pictures laminated/printed onto it? Pretty cool, whatever…
love the pattern and the muted tones
an interesting lamp, shapes, patterns, shadows
I love this type of grass – not sure what it is called! And the clouds, gotta love clouds – the colours, the light, the patterns, the movement…

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what we did in Wales

….too busy to write, so here are a few picutres….

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Amazing early morning sun when I went to wake my son

thought I would share these lovely pics – our view of Worcester in the morning

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