Need a unique gift for someone?

Can’t find what you want?

Why not get in touch to discuss a commissioned piece? As all my work is unique, the cost of a commissioned piece is not very much more than any of my other work – I can provide work to suit a range of budgets.

Bespoke artwork from £25. Bespoke lampshades from £55.

Here are some examples of past commissions.

‘Erin’ Lampshade

Sarah was in the process of decorating her daughters bedroom and could not find a special lampshade that would last throughout childhood as her daughter grew – a design that would appeal to a three year old as much as a teenager. So we talked about what Erin liked – butterflies and pink – and I created this shade for her. We are all rather pleased with the result (especially me as it was my first commissioned lampshade!) Here are the pictures…


‘England’ Artwork

Charlie contacted me to see if I could create a bespoke piece of art for her cousin’s wedding. She wanted to celebrate the whole family in the work – the happy couple (Mr & Mrs England) and their five children. We came up with the idea of a new take on a family tree – what do you think?


Wedding Gift Artwork

Kirstin wanted to give a personalised gift to her sister as a wedding present, but she was very keen for it to be understated and simple, so that it will fit into any interiors scheme, and doesn’t ‘shout’. Kirstin was keen on one of my lampshade designs, but prefered to find something smaller as her sister lives in a small flat. So, I took the pattern from the lampshade she liked, and keeping the colouring very clean and crisp – ivory, cream and white – I managed to personalise it very subtly. You can just about make out their initials in the ‘lollipops'(wish the photos were a bit better!). Here is the result…


Helicopter Lampshade

Vicki was looking for a lampshade for her son Ed, to go in his newly decorated bedroom. Now Ed is a massive fan of helicopters, and Vicki was a rather a fan of my lampshades, so we worked to combine the two. Vicki sent me a swatch of the helicopter fabric she had been using to make the soft furnishings and I was able to use this as a guide tp the style of helicopter we were after. I did several ‘sketch’ cuts and e-mailed them over, and Vicki then selected the style she liked best – am pleased to say it was also my favourite. So…. here it is!


Poem Lampshade

Veronica received the most wonderful wedding invitation from a friend and remembered my lampshades. She was keen to commission one for her friend as a wedding gift, and posted me a copy of the invitation to provide some inspiration. At the top of the invitation was a lovely poem that the couple had written specially for the occasion, so to me it seemed an obvious choice – a poem lampshade! Here are the pictures. Note the last one with the couples name and date dots.


N&N Wedding Lampshades

Three good friends clubbed together to commission a matching pair of lampshades for a fourth good friend – what a good idea! Again, the inspiration was taken from the wedding invitation – extra special as the invitation had been designed by the sister of the bride who happens to  be a graphic designer, and also who better to understand exactly the taste and style of the happy couple. The couple both share the initial N and so this was worked into the design.

N&N Thank you gifts

N&N loved the lampshades they received for their wedding present that they commissioned a set of thank you presents for all those that helped at the wedding! A set of six framed miniatures was ordered. Here are three of them.


Thank You, Teacher

What can you give to your childs teacher at the end of term to show how much you appreciate all their hard work? My Mum was teacher for many years and got pretty fed up of bubble bath and chocolates, so here is an alternative idea – take the teachers favourite inspirational saying and turn it into something special!


Ned & Em Framed Wedding Artwork

What a great idea! The sister of the bride arranged for this artwork to be created and then put into the couple’s home as a surprise when they returned from their honeymoon! Three members of the family were involved in the design process – how fantastic for the couple to have such a caring family that they all wanted to be involved! See if you can spot their much loved pet!


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