OK folks, bear with, bear with, bear with…….

Am renovating this page at the moment – making it bigger, better, brighter – so if there is any informaion you might want that is not yet here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

I thought it might be a good idea to let you know exactly where you can buy my stuff from, incase anyone might be interested, and I just worked out I can add more pages to the blog – woohoo (another ‘steep learning curve’ moment!)

Austin & Co , The Courtyard, Belle Vue Terrace, Malvern

Mangojuice Gallery & Worshop, New Street, Worcester

Three Little Pigs Gift Shop, High Street, Pershore

Kaboodle, Sandford Avenue, Church Stretton & Corve Street, Ludlow

Made By Hands Of Britain

Lovers Orchards


Direct Please get in touch to discuss commissions and other work. Lampshades from £55, original artwork from £25. Email me at or pop over to facebook or twitter and say hello!

If you a retailer looking for new stock, please do get in touch!

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