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Tea and hot buttered BOAST!!

So firstly, sorry this post is a bit late out. Normally I am pretty organised and have either written my post well in advance of Monday morning or I at least have it planned out in my head. Unfortunately things have got rather on top of me over the last few weeks (personal nonsense that non of you need to be troubled with, but I’m alright, that’s the main thing).

Anyway, what news do I have for you – well, I am super proud to announce that I have made it into a Christmas Gift Guide!! It is the one that has just come out with the latest issue of Venue. For those of you who are not aware (how could you be?!) Venue is a Bristol publication and is a bit like Time Out – it’s a very cool mag. Wanna see me in there? I will try to upload the photos from my phone – hang on a tic…..

Venue Christmas Gift Guide

Venue Christmas Gift Guide - Kids

And there we have it – fan-flippin-tastic!! See that? I am number 2 in the present list for kids for this Christmas woohoo! Generally I am not one to show off much, but my goodness, tea and hot buttered BOAST – am really rather pleased with myself! Thank you kindly to Supafly Si Fry and the rest of the Venue team for including me.


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