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Honest update

OK, so here goes, am going to be as open and honest as I can………

So, yes, I have set up this business, selling my work. What is it like to do this? Well here are the questions I ask myself all the time…..

Why exactly are you doing this?

I want to be able to make enough money to pay for one half decent holiday a year, cover the cost of having a cleaner (which we don’t yet have!) and allow me to always be there for my children – sports days (when they are not cancelled due to inclement weather) parents evenings, assembly, friends round for tea after school etc.

What makes your work so special – loads of people try to do arty-farty crafty stuff, and a lot of them are way better than you….

Well…. All my work is original, I never copy anyone else’s designs. I like to think my lampshades in particular are more than just an average lampshade as they each contain an original work of art. I think my style is unique – at least, I haven’t come across anyone doing exactly the same thing. And people do seem to be buying my work – and not just people I know either, which is amazing!

So what happens to the rest of life whilst you are busy sorting out this business?

Erm….. well, I have to admit, we really do need a cleaner as it is hard to fit everything in, and something has to give – the main thing that ‘gives’ is the house – I am not the best at cleaning and tidying anyway, and neither are the rest of my little family, so it’s not good really. Enough said. I know I am not spending as much time with my children, husband, family and friends as I could/should/want to but I really hope they all understand why, and that hopefully it isn’t in vain and in a couple of years I might be making a healthier profit, be a bit more organised, and be able to fit it all in a bit better.

And what about your health and sanity?

Yes, yes, I know…. I spend most evenings working on the computer or cutting new work until way past my old standard bedtime of 10pm (now more like midnight before I turn the light out). And every spare moment, and many more moments that aren’t really spare at all, are spent trying to work out social networking stuff, and finding possible retailers, and coming up with new ideas, and pricing structures, and craft fairs, and advertising, and finding other people like me who might be able to help and advise, and working out what my customer wants, and editing images, and updating stock lists, and…… ad infinitum. I am trying to remember to eat and drink appropriate things at appropriate intervals, and trying to read a little before bed each night to switch off.

And is it all worth it, is it actually making you happy?

YESSSSS!!!!! Of course it is!! No point in doing it otherwise, is there?!
Have you got any questions you want me to answer? Let me know, and I will try to be as open and honest as I can (to tell the truth, I am a terrible liar!) Don’t forget though, I am away at the moment with limited access, so don’t be dismayed if I don’t answer immediately!


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Someone Elses Blog!

So thrilled to have been mentioned on someone elses blog – all about lampshades – by Mad About The House

Lots of other intesteting design items on this fab blog, so you might want to make yourself a cuppa before checking it out (or poor a large glass of wine, depending on what time it is!)


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Mangojuice Gallery

Mangojuice Gallery have today taken delivery of a range of lampshades made by me! (I still find it a bit odd that I can make lampshades – from scratch!) So if you are in Worcester you can pop in and see them ‘in the flesh’ – so much better than on a computer screen.

The gallery is a great showcase for UK based artists, including several local ones. What I am particularly liking in the gallery at the moment is the work of another Worcester artist, Victoria Waits – she has made some amazing stuff from sea treasure!

Anyway, back to me and my lampshades! These are all now available at Mangojuice Gallery…. and I can breath a massive sigh of relief that my first two lampshade deliveries have been completed without anything getting damaged by the awful rain!


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Second month here already

Wow – well I can’t quite believe that a whole 12th of 2012 has already gone! Am feeling slightly nervous as I have achieved far more than I ever dreamt of in the first month – how on earth am I going to top that?!

So this month will see the first art fair, the first exhibition, and hopefully the official launch of mrsmcindoe – the business! I think its going to be pretty low-key – me, husband and a takeaway perhaps?

I have so much more work to do though before I am properly up and running – sort the website out properly, work out all the features on this blog site, and try my hand at a few lampshades without Ruth by my side.

Other things will be taking priority this month though – my most beautiful chimp number one will turn FIVE this month, plus we will have half term, and lots of family stuff going on, and I have a lot of friends to catch up with who I feel I have been neglecting somewhat, plus PTA stuff, and……an awful lot of cleaning and tidying, which got rather neglected last month!

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So what have I done this week….

…..well…. I have ordered business cards, sent copy over to Bizart for the art fair, been on a lampshade making course with Ruth at Quincy Lampshades (a whole seperate post to follow at some point!), ordered lampshade making equipment, trialled several paper cutting machines with no success, and am currently categorising my work into size order in preperation for prepareing the mounts, ready for the art fair.

So for me, alot of work of the type I am not used to. Hopefully it will quieten down in a few weeks once things are up and running. I will then be able to dedicate some tme to finding out more about this blogging business!

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