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Window Display

I had a great week last week – and the best part of it by far was doing my first ever proper window display. I am so excited about it, I will show you the picture first, and then tell you about it after….. look……

Tromans window display

Whaddyafink? I was rather pleased with it! I shall tell you more about it….. well, firstly, incase you hadn’t guessed, the window display was done for an opticians, being Tromans Family Eyecare of Malvern Link. I know Andrew, the owner, through school – his daughter and mine are in the same class and we are both on the PTA.

The majority of the display is made out of foamboard, which I have rediscovered – I love working with it, it is a very satisfying material to cut, but it does need a regular change of scalpel blade and a confident slicing action – if you are too slow with the cutting it seems to catch a bit for some reason.

I can;t take any credit for the colourful logo int he middle – this was designed by Andrew’s sister in law – its fun though, do you like it? I cut the two families on either side in a similar style (or tried to) – was very pleased to have got the holes to put the actual glasses through in the right place….that was a relief I can tell you as it was my last sheet of foamboard so would have been in trouble if I had cocked it up!

So….how many of you wear glasses and live in driving distance of Malvern?! I hope you will pop down and have a look for yourself, and check out the shop – excellent service and great choice of frames too. Oooo, here’s a thought – why not go and check out their website and see for yourself from the comfort of your armchair?! Tromans Family Eyecare I actually bumped into a friend of mine whilst I was working there – she had popped in to try to find a new pair of glasses. I helped her try some on – take a look at these ones, what do you think? I think they look fab! Hopefully Jill’s husband will think the same! By the way, Jill is super crafty – checkout her website.

Tromans Family Eye Care - trying on glasses


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